Sort of a new life (2)

I should have written this months ago... Sorry for abandoning you.
Good news is I have finally finished my 1st semester! (but not really) I haven't faced my exam tho, vacation first. And yeah, vacation is also filled with lots of last assignments and take home tests. The perks of being a design student. I should be thankful though because I'm going nowhere so I can use my vacation wisely. Cheers?

College is really taking a lot of your time. Imagine a high school life and double, nope, triple it. If you want to be someone who is active in college, go into organizations and things... just be prepared. And more of it, being a design student is really a tough thing. No, it's not only about drawing, you get a lot of weird assignments you won't even think about. Like making a color triangle using poster colors (don't judge, it's hard, in addition, the lecturer is really.....). Just be prepared, okay? I don't want to rant about the assignments and the lecturers here, I've had enough. 

I had the worst time management, even though my high school have me prepared with this, but seriously, you wouldn't know about it, if you haven't got into it. I always sleep late (always). My assignments piling up, because a design job isn't something that you can do quickly, it has to be done thoroughly. But me being me, I didn't do my works 'that' good. I realize I'm not that detailed when it comes to assignments, so my marks are not great. I passed the semester thinking, "ah, it's just the first, no need to worry about." 

Yaudah yuk, tetep semangat aja. Semester 2 belajar yang bener ya, clar. #selfmotivation
By the way, another worse thing happened this year, HP GUA ILANG. 
My to-buy-list is full of expensive things, cellphone, SLR camera, and pentab. 
Yay, cheers to me! 

Here's some photos to close this semester. 

Edit: added a new photo with my PA ;)


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