Hey guise. National exams have already ended. Like YAAAAAAY. I need to start listing all of my 'to-do's for the next two months. Well likely, I'll be sitting, computing, watching youtube...bcos i don't think this list's gonna work, but just let me start it.

1. Learn Korean! It's on my mind even before the exam started. Found a helpful website, that provides .pdf. Divided by 20/25 levels--last time I saw it.
2. Make Cakes or Cookies. I found Fudge Brownie recipe on youtube. All the comments below said like wow it's fantastic /baby/
3. More and more quality posts here. and by the way I wanna change my url...again. It doesn't really suit me (except the colorful banner, me gusta).
4. Improve my English. Some people think it's good enough, but there's too many 'fail' grammar, isn't it?
5. Dancing and singing. I know it sounds crazy.
6. Be myself. Hard to do.
7. Not forcing myself. Take a relax.
8. Find out WHAT is my real passion.
9. ........forgot. Teehee.

-----Personal post without any kpops included-----
:) :)