Block B (블락비) Very Good mini album

{The Mischievous Dazzling Stars}

Please support them by watching the music video. They are so close to winning the music shows. 
This is the only tremendous gift that BBCs can give to Block B.

Feel the urge to post this, despite the deadline for the 1st chapter of the novel project.
BLOCK B! The block buster is back in a new entertainment. (I'm glad they are out)
Seriously welcome to the hallyu world again. It has been a year I haven't seen them on the stage and it is totally stunning.
Their charisma on the stage since they debuted is still there.

They bring back the mischievous characters inside their soul. Especially expressing it through a song 'VERY GOOD'. Telling that they are the king, and like the song, that they are very very good.
The beats are killing it. The music video is also really good and creative. The idea of making Park Kyung's head is inside the plate is hilarious. But but the part when there is a girl with a big... is a no.
Besides that nothing is a pooper. They enjoyed every single bit of their parts in the video, everthing is cool.
If I introduce the title song, the main theme is that you can point out a ‘ROCK’ sound at the beginning, and then an electric synthesizer sound is emphasized in the chorus. You might be able to hear and feel the largeness of the song in its entirety, but it has a lot of very diverse parts to it. So honestly, I have the greed of wanting to have everyone listen to each detail. 
-Zico (cr. Source: Naver Music Special ;Translated By: Youngha@ BLOCKBINTL bontheblock.tumblr)

The song is totally unexpected, because earlier before they released the song 'VERY GOOD', they went on a deep song called 'Be The Light (빛이 뒤어죠)', which still have the hip hop vibe, but wrapping it with a soothing voice. Meet Taeil the man.

For 'Be The Light', I fell in love at the first time I heard it. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.
I am more surprised that Zico, the leader himself, made the song. This song has the piano playing at the front, and it is just so not Zico. But when the beat comes in, it sounds like him.
I knew he's talented, and he made slow songs too.. Like 'Movie's Over' but this time it has a different sense and fortunately I love it soooo deeeeeep.

The lyrics itself says that we are the light. Means BBCs (name for the fans) are the light. You know, they woke up from the controversies and learnt a lot. This song is made for the BBCs who are there and give them support.

"Be the light, shine on my black and hidden heart. Melt me from being frozen
So that I’ll be so dazzling, that no one else can look at me." cr 

I am in love. This song is so wonderful.
What is sad is... People don't really catch this song. They don't give it a try to listen. Please, like just once it won't kill you. Maybe I look so pathetic, but they work so hard. Can you please give it a try?

Those are not the only songs that are good. They released a mini album, which consist only 4 songs in total (instrumental is not included).

Park Kyung, another rapper from the group, also have song which is sung by him and it is featuring my favorite indie K-pop group 'Urban Zakapa'. It is none other than the only woman in the group, Jo Hyuna, who is known to have an impressing voice.

The song 'When, Where, What, How (언제 어디서 무엇을 어떻게)' kinda have the jazzy feel to it, and the lyrics are so good! Started with Park Kyung's low voice, it attracts us in. And then the beat goes in. Jo Hyuna's voice is a thumbs up for me.

Last track called 'Nice Day' has a more hip hop beat, some what playful but not as playful 'Very Good'. A nice ending for the mini album. 'Have a nice day!'

Block B never failed to impress me.

p.s: sorry, I can't make out my promise for the BTS' drawing.


Secretly Greatly (은밀하게 위대하게)

Just watched Secretly Greatly. It's a new Korean movie. Released on June 5th.

What attracts me to this movie:
It's starred by Kim Soohyun, Lee Hyunwoo, and also Park Kiwoong.
The plot itself is hilarious I think. I want to see the handsome Kim Soohyun acts as a village idiot.

The three are North-Koreans who received missions to spy South Korea (secret agent). Soohyun acts as an village idiot. Park Kiwoong acts as a singer wannabe. And Lee Hyunwoo acts as an ordinary high school student.
Soohyun lives in South for two years, while the other two are actually new-comers.
They are waiting for the orders from the North, and the order finally comes.
You'll be surprised. I can't tell you the fun here, you have to watch it yourself.
and it's so easy you can open this: http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-movie/secretly-greatly-2013 plus catch the awesomeness.

I wanna tell you that, I had so much fun watching this movie. Even though it's an action movie, it is not that tense. You will welcomed by a lot of comedy because that village idiot.

After I opened the 'Secretly, Greatly' wiki, it's actually adapted from a webtoon. A web toon is like a comic strip. I think you can only find them on the site like Daum. And it's totally free guys.
Amazing how comic-strips like this can turn into a movie.
Here is the link for the webtoon if you want to give it a try.
...but it's all in Korean. to read the webtoon, you can simply click this link.

plus plus I'm logged in on my daum account... I don't know if it works or not with an anonymous.. 
It works okay. Have fun reading!

And I want to critic something. Does korean movies always have this unpleasant ending?
It is just...so sad. I need more information about how is them doing......
It is not the first time I'm disappointed with such ending.

I need you to guess.
Are they all end up dying? Or are they not?

More info: http://asianwiki.com/Secretly_Greatly


BTS (방탄소년단) 'N.O' 'O!RUL8,2?'

Since I missed my writing 'moments' to talk about Infinite's concert last week (I WATCHED THEM omg I need to spazz), let me review the nou album of Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단), or also called BTS. Have I told you about them before?

As I said, they just released their new album. You haven't heard of them? Of course, they are still rookies but they released their full album in such a hurry. They are only 4 months old, seriously.

But even though they are rookies, the album is very well-produced. The leader himself, Rap Monstar, joined in the production.. most of the songs in the album (except for the skit and the outro).

We finally found another finely packed group. It's actually kind of surprising for me. They are from BIGHIT entertainment, and I didn't think it would come out with a hip-hop group. But now they are like the best rookies for 2013. Aren't you agree?

Ok. I really want to introduce them first to you guys. (+ sharing my fanarts) but since my fanarts has not done yet, and my school's schedule is so hectic I decide to make it about next week.

Let me review the album. The album is called 'O!RUL2,8?' or 'Oh! Are You Late Too?'.

They have only released two albums so far. But most of them are talking about DREAMS. On their debut song, they said 'What is your dream?' in the title track 'NO MORE DREAM'
And now in the title track 'NO' they are telling us, giving us some advice.. "Don't be trapped in someone else's dream" "Will good cars or house bring us happiness?"

It's like telling me, what is your exact dream? Where is your happiness come from? Are you living someone else's dream?

Adults tell me that hardships are only momentary
To endure a little more, to do it later
Everybody say NO!
It can’t be any later
Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream
It has to be now or never
We still haven’t done anything

They are our representative, the teens who are 'rebelling' against people's opinion about our own life, our own dream. A big toss to BTS.

The second track called 'We On' boosts out their confidence! I like the song. With the thick hip hop feel to it + awesome rap skills. Same goes to 'If I Ruled The World', but this one has a very nice beat, and I love the beginning of the melody! *I just seen the english lyrics, and oh how perfect they are* Rap Monstar, Suga, and J-Hope are alive.
How I love these kind of songs :")
intermezzo: suddenly miss my Block B boys.... and they are coming back on October!

NEXT is COFFEE. It is the remake of Cafe Latte by Urban Zakapa. It is like my favorite song from a K-Indie group. Do you know how I felt when I first listened to the audio preview? :""")))

I love the original version and this version too. Also the remake that Geeks did for Cafe Latte is also good. Kind of the same because they also added the rap parts.
But, Bangtan's 'Coffee' is the most upgraded version of Cafe Latte. Because they don't use the guitar or the piano melody from the original, adding so much hip-hop feel to it.

They are an awesome song for having fun!

That's all! The last song actually called 'Luv In Skool' just as an outro of the album and it has a slow beat on it. It's a perfect outro after all the madness!

Will be back for the next Bangtan post! :)


The Dangerous B.A.P: Badman

It was Indonesia's 68th Birthday, or the Independence Day like two  days ago. But I haven't celebrate it properly. Because I have to attend my best friend's birthday. By the way, happy birthday my very own country. Hope we can do well in developing you. :)

Is it been such a long time?
I just keep longing for writing here. I kept thinking about a topic, B.A.P's new mini album: BADMAN.
I am not an avid fan but their latest songs are hip!

It is B.A.P!
They released an M/V a week ago. The music video was taken in Detroit. The place is freaking awesome. I just love how Detroit is such a match with their song concept. Everything was dark but still with the touch of hip hop sick beat.
The song 'Badman' itself is sooo B.A.P. Of course because it's made by the leader himself, Bang Yongguk. Have I told you about him before? He is awesome.

I really love the beats on 'Badman'. After 2 or 3 times listening to the audio (I just watched the M/V like only twice) I absolutely digging it. It brings back to the time when I was so into Block B and their albums, all I want is just to repeat all of them. Really.

This 'Badman' track has so many charms and the fierceness is perfect. The track is different with One Shot. For me, One Shot has more a drama-like feeling and so arranged rather than Bad Man which is more free kind of like video.. Showing us the 'bad side' and not really arranged in a clear story line.
In One Shot, you can see them acting in the drama. Well here in Badman, they were using so many people to act in this one whole place. And what? The B.A.P members were only watching the scene... There was a freaking fights and some kind of war.... What are you doing, exactly?

Oh and Badman has this dance break and also an Indian melody in it.... You have to listen!
See the video and tell me your opinions and what's lacking and what's not.

Soooo back to the review. I love the other tracks.
Try to listen to the songs please! If you like dance genre or hip-hop, you should definitely listen to this album!
Even for the intro, you will be welcomed by the fierce Whut's Poppin' with their awesome rapping skills.
And another favorite in this album is Excuse Me. The lyrics itself spreads the awesomeness and their confidence. Well the lyrics aren't that 'nice' but I like it because I feel that braveness and confidence for singing this song. It's not easy, I think. Because the lyrics are about criticising the K-Pop industry about 'what is going on exactly with the industry?' It IS arrogant. But I don't think they are criticising the other groups.
They are shouting 'We are different' 'This is our kind of music' and something harder than that, sharp and mean. CLICK HERE for the lyrics.

For the slow song, you have to try Coffee Shop. It has a very different vibe with the other tracks.
Also their fifth track Bow Wow featuring Secret's Sunhwa is different too. It is more cute and it reminds me to their song 'Stop It'.
The last track is Hurricane, which was released earlier than the other song (except Coffee Shop which was released even before Hurricane). It's dubstep people! I'm amazed that they are brave enough to pull this song. I'm like in the club, dancing to the rhythm... At first I don't like this song so much, but now it's a very nice song to dance to.. You just want to nod along.


Beast 'Shadow (그림자)'

Once again, one of my favorite boyband come back from their hiding. Last year they brought us into the party world. And now it is changing 180 degrees to a melancholy upbeat song.

Just like 2 years ago, Fiction. This one is also a sad song. But what extinguish them is that now, the title song 'Shadow' has more dark and gothic vibe. Celebrating summer with a dark concepttt~

At least they tried something new. This album is produced by Junhyung (still with some help from Kim Taejoo), but I'm so happy to listen to the songs that Junhyung produced...
I also need to mention that Yoseob was helping all lyrics-writing process. (mainly chorus)

Who can not be proud? It is a rare opportunity to listen to the song they made. This is perfection.

Actually, I don't really like the song at first. You know what, I even forgot at the day (19th July) when they released the M/V. .....being a horrible fan.
The song is soooo dark. Not to my liking. But did anyone know how I got into VIXX? Beacuse of their talent of pulling those vampire dark concept. Plus their song isn't bad at all.
This happened to Beast. I was at shock. I knew that they were going to pull a dark concept, but I was not being prepared. Who knew they'd pull that strong and deep dark vibe?
First impression: Too strong. I couldn't imagine.
...... But now it happens again~ I am listening to it once again and listening to the songs on the album again.
Not bad for a first timer album producer like Junhyung.

The M/V is awesome guise! I love the dark and how it is fit to the song. Love the figure, who is kind of creepy. And the girl is creepy too, but she's pretty.
I love how the girl dancing at the back............ is she the same girl?

And what a great effect you use Cube Ent. I think it's your first time using that effect, isn't it? But I like it very much.
Especially when it's used at Junhyung's rap part at the back. I LOVE IT. Except his eyes.......... which turn all-white in just a second. That's horror. His part is my favorite!! The moving camera and the two-scenes (?) at his rap part... is a thumbs up.
But HAHAHA that dog.

What I dislike is their earrings. It is a definite NO. That is clearly not your style, don't put it on........
Hmm I love the eye shadows... (Shoot. It looks good on Hyunseung. Or maybe everyone.)

Dongwoon's part is a favorite. Need to see it live!

And this city scene. I love it. But it is only a CG, yeah right? I don't think it is real... the cities, the buildings. But the statue at the back is cool. Though it's so big and creepy.

A bonus. I just want you too see the cute Yoseob goes all muscular because of his hobby, boxing. Oh lol.

And I will be back with a review of the album! Really need to review that because it's Junhyung's work!!


Infinite 'DESTINY'

I feel like I have to post something, because school is coming.
Goodbye times for fangirling, goodbye times for watching.. I have to stay focus..? (can't believe I said that, that's maybe not gonna happen until September coming)

Why? I am so excited. Almost everyday, I think about INFINITE's concert 'One Great Step' World Tour in Indonesia. It is on 31st August!

The point is, I need to gather money for buying the ticket. Let's hope that it won't be sold out just yet. I'll be an annoying blabber and a crybaby if I don't get the ticket. My mind's been panicking. How can I get the ticket?
Let's just hope and pray so I'll get my festival ticket... Pretty please.

And I have to thank Woollim for not forgetting us Indonesian Inspirits.

They released a new M/V! (and a new single album, may I add)
They shot it in Universal Studio.. which is awesome. They used the movie set for Inception and Transformer filming, and it is huge. They are the first korean artist who used the set. Fascinating, isn't it?

Destiny M/V and album REVIEW!

I love it so far!
If you listen to the song 'DESTINY', it got a kind of weird opening, with the visual, L, singing. But then (I really love this part) Sunggyu opens the song with his eargasm voice (oh my bias), and I really like the flow! When he sings 'For you~' Kya.
And of course, Sungjong and Sungyeol get their parts and I'm not disappointed with that. They look oh so manly. YAY Sungjong you handsome.
I'm happy they are back with this kind of song. Because truthfully I don't really like their 'Man in Love' song.


They released Infinite's Destiny M/V on 13.07.16 and it's named Version B. Whoops. That means, you got the Version A. Please release it soon, don't try to troll us. Ha.

The song 'Destiny' have an annoying intro. You will listen some kind of wind sound and it's annoying..... But when you got into Sunggyu's opening part.... Those sounds..... is love. I really love this part more than the chorus. But the chorus isn't bad! And also Sunggyu's 'Cause you're my destiny' part is awesome. Plus the 'oooo' part in the chorus. Kya.

Second song: Inception. Funny and unusual intro.... But it goes well with their voices. The chorus is missing something, I think. But the further I go, the more I love it.....

Third song: 너에게 간다. This. is. Perfection.
I love this song so much, besides 'Destiny'. Their voices are like whispering to me.... Slow beat, but then you meet an awesome chorus... and is closed with a slow beat again. I don't know what to tell or what to complain. :')

Fourth song: 엄마.
Not really my kind of ballad song, because I still like 'Only Tears' better. But Inspirits around me couldn't wait for this song, there was so many of them waiting for this song.
I only love the chorus. It is perfect......~

A bonus for those who are reading.... Destiny M/V making!

Plus plus plus Beast are coming back too, on 19th July. I'm sure that I'm gonna review their new FULL album, which is produced by Yong Junhyung himself. What a masterpiece.

AND... Sooorryy can't find the audios that aren't blocked in youtube. Why don't you try to listen at melon? :)


I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려)

Hello! I'm feeling sorry for not posting here.... Because I'm actually have a lot of time to spend, but blogging seems so far away?

I've been watching so many dramas this holiday. And I've just ended Monstar episode 8... what an heart wrenching story back at the very end of the episode! I can not give you spoilers since I think I'd be difficult to tell you to.
Need to wait for one more week to see what is gonna happen next. *table flip*

Since the title post is, I Hear Your Voice, I have to talk to you about it then.

I Hear Your Voice is a story about a man (Lee Jongsuk, the one who's at the right, pretty right.) who hears what are people thinking just by seeing people's eyes. Which is kind of interesting for me. So I take my time to watch it.
The background of the story, when I saw it for the first time, is not really addicting, nor pulling me to the drama. The background is about law, which I don't really pay attention into.

Law... is a pretty confusing world, eh? "Something is gonna burst in my head," that was what I thought when I was going to watch it.

And meeeeh. Wrong guess.

The writer-nim goes with a story that we still can understand. All the cases that I have watched is pretty... interesting I guess? (Ya, since it's a drama, of course they make interesting cases).
It is a different kind of drama from what people watch these days. With a touch of the law, it makes the drama goes really different, good, but not difficult to understand.
Of course, it has the sense of romance, but not melodrama. (say no to melodramas!)

The main actress and the main actor, which is Lee Boyoung and Lee Jongsuk, don't get much justice here. Maybe you think it is weird, since it is a law-based drama but the main actors don't get their righteousness? We'll see.

It is law-based, but also get that kind of mystery genre.
.... But it is exhilarating to watch this kind of drama. Will you watch it?

The one and the only one Kim Sohyun. I ber some of you notice here. She is the little Lee Boyoung! 

ps. I kind of wanting that ability to hear what people think. But Lee Jongsuk said that it is a very noisy world. Well, sometimes not knowing the truth is quite comfortable.
......and I just found out that the writer is the one who writes Dream High. Never thought that far......

For more information: CLICK HERE HERE HERE


[130622] Lotte Shopping Avenue 'Grand Opening': VIXX & GLAM (part 2)

Back again with part 2!

Though I told you that I'd be posting my photos and my videos of the event, I don't think I want to.
It is kind of blurry, and I really don't like the quality. Plus I'm not in the mood of editing the photos, keeping the image good..... ah, no thanks.

If you want the photos, just tell me. Maybe I'm gonna post some in part 3, (not plannning to make the post, but oh well.. I'll try.) because there is a close photo of Leo. So close. But because of my extreme zoom-in, it gets noisy and I can see the dots floating everywhere.
Yah, we'll see.

(I arrange the videos as the same rundown of the event!) (scroll till the last vid please!)

The first one is when GLAM came to the judging seats.

Second is when VIXX was judging the last group of Team B, FIXX, covering On & On. See their expressions!

My video! Close enough? They went to the dressing room to touch up and then perform.

I like that!

It's VIXX time people! Found the HD vids.

THE LAST ONE. I should have put it in the middle.
But save the best for the last ㅋㅋㅋ
Look at Leo~

Credit goes to.
Juwita Nurwanti@youtube, gongjunim09@youtube; kim Tiara@youtube; my own channel clarchrs@youtube; Liesa Lie@youtube; devi mailariani@youtube; Auli Cinantya@youtube; hae jom@youtube

Enjoy :3


[130622] Lotte Shopping Avenue 'Grand Opening': VIXX & GLAM (part 1)

Need to write this now. It is currently midnight. Past midnight. Exactly is 12.13.
Now here's the story.

I just watched VIXX live performing with my own eyes. Plus GLAM too.
There was an event from Lotte Shopping Avenue in Jakarta which is just opened on 22nd June. Grand opening with the guests, Super Junior's Lee Donghae and Kangin who only came for like 15 minutes because they're absolutely couldn't perform with just 2 persons so they just attend a fansign from the Lotte Duty Free.
Well I don't really care about them. And I didn't met them. I was eating at Pizza Hut when they arrived at the mall LOL.
The other guests were VIXX and GLAM.

You know, VIXX. The one who sing On & On and hyde (from jekyll and hyde concept). I'm a fan of them, I am in their fandom. They are gorgeous. How can they be so white, milky skin? (except N, the leader, who has a dark skin. Not really dark, but just dark for Korean people.)

GLAM and VIXX were the judges for a Dance Cover Contest/K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013. It's taking place in Lotte Shopping Avenue because the dance cover festival need one group to represent their own country in the finale in Gangwon.

I did't really enjoy it, since it was too crowded plus it was a free event. I just want to see my VIXX (and GLAM).

GLAM did the judging for the Team A while VIXX did the Team B.
So GLAM went first to their seat, missing one person. And I think it was Dahee because maybe she was filming for 'Monstar'. Miso, the maknae, giving us the most fanservice. Well all of them do. They looked to the crowds at their back and also at their left and right.
They were giving us aegyo, and Zinni waving at us. When the crowds said to them to do Kwiyeomi Player, they did it. I don't really see who did it =.=
I took some pictures, but most of them are Zinni since she was the one I could see from my place.

Before moving to Team B. There were S.O.S and S4. I don't really care since I was saving my place for taking pictures of VIXX.

And OMG.

I was so close to Leo. Just a few row, about 3 or 4 more row of people I could freakingly touch him. Their skin are so white. And also they were wearing a white suits for hyde performance.
When the competition goes, there was a group who covering After School's BANG, one of the contestant gave a wink to the crowd (he's a guy though).

And when VIXX gave the commentaries, N asked "Who did you give the wink to?" 
"다 (All of you)" meaning the contestant gave it to all member of VIXX. 
N said, "뜨거워요 (It's hot)" LOL

While a group was covering Girl's Generation's I Got A Boy, I saw N smiling. Maybe his fanboy side rose again, seeing the fake Seohyun on the stage.

And I got a very clear video of VIXX walking from their seats to the dressing room. It can't be considered as so close though, but who cares. At least, I SAW VIXX.

They performed the songs and I got the videos, people. Using my dad's Samsung SIII Mini which was kinda blurry. By the way, I got GLAM's video when they were performing I Like That and Party(XXO) too!
That's it.

I was so close to their dressing room. Unfortunately, I can't record video or take a picture of them running from the dressing room to the stage (when they were gonna perform). It was closer than the video I took huee.
I have to save my place for video-ing the performance. It's my sister who saw it. She didn't even have the chance to give my fanart to VIXX. Like, they were running like they are too scared because of the crowds.

Also. GOOD NEWS HONGBIN AND ZINNI SHIPPERS. They were sitting next to each other on the final competition! And I heard Hongbin seeing Zinni like a sec and some cameras took it. Need to find evidence though.

Tagging this post with concert since it was LIKE a concert. Totally. Unless it is free.
Will post the photos and videos on the next post.
Publishing this in the morning (sorry guise, I just posted this now)!
Sorry for the long post!


Birthday, 130608!

Hula, it's my birthday and I'm gonna tell you that I had the best birthday present ever.
Not in a particular order.
#1. I got a running man jacket from my friend. :)
#2. Beast won Music Core. THIS IS HUGE.

Like the most unexpected thing. Who thought the song '괜찮겠니' (a.k.a Will You Be Alright?), the song that they don't promote, won? W.O.N?
I know it's just a k-pop thing again, people who hate k-pop will totally bored with me fangirling....
But it is really a great present for me.

I personally don't really like the song. Though I've been repeating the song in my head for like all day. (I just need time to let it grow in me)
I know it is really a 'Beast' style of song. Kinda sound like an old song. The style that Beast's done the most. That probably why I am so surprised. How could they won first?
The power of B2UTYs are jjang.
Just for you information, they also won #1 on Billboard Korea. YEAHHA.

Beast will be back in July. But they are gonna hold a showcase for their comeback in June 20th. Everyone can join, I think. But only koreans, of course ;(

Here's the full audio for 괜찮겠니!

Take back what I've just said. Okay?
I love the song. ㅋㅋㅋ
Written by Junhyung for a 'certain someone'. Go back together with Hara!


Thoughts of "Monstar" (몬스타)

I've done my final test! You think the school is done and I'll have my long holiday? Scratch that. In fact, I will  be leaving the school and my house (and that includes internet) for 10 days, gonna spend the time in Klaten, Yogyakarta. But I'm excited! Leaving the house won't be that bad right?

Back to my post. Let's talk about a new k-drama, the one that I've been crazy into.
It is called MONSTAR. Being aired in TVN (the one who aired Flower Boy Next Door and Reply 1997, which are precisely my favorites) and Mnet. This is the first drama series from Mnet.

Just a glimpse from episode 2. Actually you can watch all of the singing from Mnet's channel in youtube. For those who don't want to spend their time on watching the drama...

(spoiler alert)
I'm into it, 1) because of the rapper of BEAST, Yong Junhyung, is the main cast. 2) it is related to music, just like Dream High, but it is totally different. 3) hot guys.  whoops.

The first episode was impressive.
He plays as Yoon Seolchan, an idol from a group called MIB, and is famous. And was filming a drama which was taking place in his own school. He messed up and ...here comes trouble~ Junhyung was kissed by his sasaeng fan (someone who is gone 'crazy' of their idol, literally). He got a big problem and the CEO told him to attend the school to quiet the media. Can't tell you more than that.
More like, don't know how to explain.

Up there is Junhyung and the female main cast, Ha Yeonsoo. She plays as Min Seyi. She looks so innocent and plays the guitar so well! She does what she likes to do. 
I don't know where has she been, she has great skills. 

Meet hot guy #1.
He is a class president. Who is the same class as Seolchan and Min Seyi. I know that he has a thing with Seyi, and it takes time for Seyi to realize it. Great at playing cello and guitar. I think he is great at piano too. No kidding. What a great choice. 
His name is Kang Haneul. Playing as Jung Sunwoo. 

This is what I mean as in 'hot guys'. Meet BTOB. Oh no, wait, it's MIB. Or maybe Junhyung and friends. They are supporting roles.... or cameos. 
There is way more 'hot guys' than these. Hmm 2 or 3 more? I think you should watch the drama? Hihi. 
Stop it with the hot guys topic. Let's end this now. 

For me, the plot is awesome. I always love this kind of drama.
Recommended to watch if you have the time. Because the story is an extraordinary one. :D

p.s. Congratulations to Akdong Musician for becoming a part of YG family. I support you!


Part 2: Eru First Concert in Indonesia

eru_002 photo P4201188_zps6895b5f4.jpg

It is May people! I finally have the time to put up these photos, well just a tiny updates but I hope you like what I took.

eru_11 photo P4201189JPG_effected_zps2c361c1e.jpg

eru_12 photo P4201190JPG_effected_effected_zps2695b057.jpg

eru_13 photo P4201196JPG_effected_zps3fa98a70.jpg
With Sule. It was amazing to see one of our comedian on the same stage with Eru XD

 photo P4201207JPG_effected_zps7f8d2846.jpg
Singing 'High High'
He surprisingly sang various popular k-idol songs like Sorry Sorry, Fantastic Baby, and a lot more! We (of course) sang along, and the venue has gone mad.
At the end of the song, he was like 'Just lie tonight. Is Eru better than Big Bang? Better than Super Junior? Better than 2NE1?' And we say lied by saying YES OF COURSE.

eru_15 photo P4201245JPG_effected_zpsf2d00b18.jpg

Then he sang his most well known song 'Black Glasses'.
But before that, He was crying.
He didn't thought the response of the concert would be like that. He was happy for the fact that a lot of people came to the concert, not expecting for more.
And while we were screaming his name.... He cried.

eru_16 photo P4201248JPG_effected_zpsc1c102d9.jpg
Have so many ideas, reviews and opinions in my head, but I really need to take care of my 'me time' by watching more and more videos and variety shows... plus a new K-Drama. Be back later! 

BONUS! Not the best, but the closest picts that I got.

 photo P4201252JPG_effected_zps6f3ea702.jpg

 photo P4201254JPG_effected_zps152fabf8.jpg
Dum dum dum dum! Ailee!!


Part 1: Eru First Concert in Indonesia

It's Eru first concert and it's in Indonesia, my lovely country.
Such an honor to be there my friends and sister, watching him from the very front row. Front. Yes. Definitely in front of the stage. KYAAA *screaming like a little girl*

Got at the venue super super early, and had to wait for about 3 until 4 hours until the gate opened. 

I am not actually one of Eru's fan, but seeing him performing makes me want to be one of them.

Concert info:
Took place in Lapangan D, Senayan. Though it is outdoor, felt so hot and sweaty. 
The gate opened late, they said 5.30 but opened it an hour after that. 
The show started at 7.30
The ticket price is so cheap!
It is an neatly arranged concert, it is better than Music Bank. Though it is the same promoter. 

My camera sucks, so the pictures that I took is 50% failed and blurry. Here's some of them:

eru_01 photo P4201118_zps43e17c41.jpg

eru_02 photo P4201119_zpsc944de1c.jpg

eru_03 photo P4201128_zpsc4d769a4.jpg
Saying HI! 

eru_04 photo P4201139_zpsfe280246.jpg

eru_05 photo P4201157_zps5ea65028.jpg
The Queen Ailee is taking the stage. 

eru_06 photo P4201162_zps362e48e8.jpg
Baechigi ft. Ailee - Shower of Tears.

eru_07 photo P4201180_zps4fb190a1.jpg
Mighty Mouth's Shorry J plus the man of the night, singing one of my favorite song, Tok Tok. 

eru_08 photo P4201181_zpsbb25e3dd.jpg

eru_09 photo P4201182_zps2258826a.jpg

 photo P4201184_zps050124ab.jpg
I was jumping and enjoying Shorry's stage. He is 대박.

I knew him through his collab with Junhyung's BEAST in 'Hate You', then I saw him when he performed in Music Bank Jakarta.
Just recognized his cool charms at the concert! :)

......Part 2 coming up soon.