BEAST new logo + new song "No More (이젠 아니야)"

I miss writing. I really have a lot of topics but I just can't arrange it to be 'readable' for you guys.
But, hey! I have one now. 

Guess who has a new song, new logo, and a new album coming up. 
BEAST. 비스트. The no longer B2ST. 

:: NEW LOGO ::

Cube is being a hardworking company nowadays with a new logo concept of BEAST that isn't oldskool and have a simple meanings. Do you know their history? Let me tell you. 
1. They appeared as a group called BEAST, with an infamous logo B2ST with 2 represents the E and A. But actually, it has meaning as the Boys of The East Standing Tall (????) (Question marks everywhere)
2. Even though before debut the comapny, Cube, changed its name to BEAST, the logo remains as B2ST. 

But now look at the modernized or.. simplified logo. It is made from their hangul name 비스트.. 
Erm do you understand? The 비 becomes only ㅂ with a sharp bottom like a capsized triangle in the logo, the 스 makes a triangle, and the 트 make a Σ symbol. 

:: NEW SONG ::

They are back with another love sickness themed song, they are really popular with a broken heart song, eh? Now, it's Not Anymore (이젠 아니야). A song about a couple who has broken up for months, but one of them is sucked at moving on.

"Why did you come to me again when I've already cooled down? I have no more warmth to share with you anymore."   "I'm not someone you can lean on anymore."

The wonderfulness you need to know:
The concept of the M/V. Cube is using Instagram Beastagram and let us see their love story through it. The actress is Lee Yubi if you haven't noticed and Junhyung played again as the main character. I think he still has all of the feels and make it as his song inspiration. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I just really like this concept, it's stick to the story of the song but expressing it with the modern technology. Applause to whoever the music video director is.


Release soon on June the 16! (June is really my month /happy/) Of course with Junhyung as the producer.
Title Song is GOOD LUCK.
Will write a new post about it, do not worry!

P.s: I'm really sorry to Infinite for not writing about you guys! "Last Romeo" is actually really awesome too. They have risen from the song (Man In Love, Destiny) that I don't like. "Last Romeo" uses diverse instruments and you can hear all of it in your ears. Infinite is finally back to the "The Chaser" era that I love.
My favorite song from their album is "Shower (소나기)". It is definitely worth listening.


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