Part 1: Eru First Concert in Indonesia

It's Eru first concert and it's in Indonesia, my lovely country.
Such an honor to be there my friends and sister, watching him from the very front row. Front. Yes. Definitely in front of the stage. KYAAA *screaming like a little girl*

Got at the venue super super early, and had to wait for about 3 until 4 hours until the gate opened. 

I am not actually one of Eru's fan, but seeing him performing makes me want to be one of them.

Concert info:
Took place in Lapangan D, Senayan. Though it is outdoor, felt so hot and sweaty. 
The gate opened late, they said 5.30 but opened it an hour after that. 
The show started at 7.30
The ticket price is so cheap!
It is an neatly arranged concert, it is better than Music Bank. Though it is the same promoter. 

My camera sucks, so the pictures that I took is 50% failed and blurry. Here's some of them:

eru_01 photo P4201118_zps43e17c41.jpg

eru_02 photo P4201119_zpsc944de1c.jpg

eru_03 photo P4201128_zpsc4d769a4.jpg
Saying HI! 

eru_04 photo P4201139_zpsfe280246.jpg

eru_05 photo P4201157_zps5ea65028.jpg
The Queen Ailee is taking the stage. 

eru_06 photo P4201162_zps362e48e8.jpg
Baechigi ft. Ailee - Shower of Tears.

eru_07 photo P4201180_zps4fb190a1.jpg
Mighty Mouth's Shorry J plus the man of the night, singing one of my favorite song, Tok Tok. 

eru_08 photo P4201181_zpsbb25e3dd.jpg

eru_09 photo P4201182_zps2258826a.jpg

 photo P4201184_zps050124ab.jpg
I was jumping and enjoying Shorry's stage. He is 대박.

I knew him through his collab with Junhyung's BEAST in 'Hate You', then I saw him when he performed in Music Bank Jakarta.
Just recognized his cool charms at the concert! :)

......Part 2 coming up soon. 


Akdong Musician

Found a topic. It's about K-pop (again). Listen to this one. Not another typical group, but a new adorable duo.

(Their audition in Kpop Star 2)

They are rookies. Well, they haven't debuted yet. They are one of the Kpop Star 2 contestant, a TV competition and the winner gets a chance to choose their own company, the choices are the 3 big (JYP, SM, YG). This duo won the competition! I'm freaking happy because you know I'm one of the acoustic enthusiast.

Akdong Musician is so talented. I fell in love with them. They sang their own composed song. Well not their. I mean the big brother. Oh..ho I haven't told you yet.

Akdong Musician is a familly duo. It's a Lee family, with a one loving brother and one cutie little sister. Call them Chan Hyuk and Soo Hyun. The brother is a genius of composing. I mean like......
They haven't debuted yet and 4 of their performances went to the chart. Do not forget that three of them actually got first in music charts. How awesome is that? :")

They need to be KNOWN and to be praised because all of their hard works.

(.....about 4 months later)
This song is called Foreigner's Confession. MY CURRENT FAVORITE SONG. What a wonderful lyrics.

But the thing is:
They have to choose one of the company. But none of them is good for them...in my opinion. In allkpop, the article about their winning, most of the comments don't agree of them joining the big 3. And some of the threads are talking about this too.
First. Don't go to SM. It's so rare to see the artists compose the song for their own album, right? Then what will happen to their composed song? Go to the dump?
Second. About YG. They let you compose your own song. But their style, I think not close enough to Akdong? But I think it's good enough. Because I trust YG's style more than JYP's.
Third. JYP. They are good, better than the two. But I don't think it matches to Akdong. They will let you compose, of course. But the thing is, I don't think JYP can manage Akdong well. Because they have so many artists plus need to mention that the last two rookies don't really attract people much. I'm afraid. It's just like something is off if Akdong joins JYP.

The people on the comments or threads want them to go to Nega Network, which is Lunafly's entertainment. Or FNC entertaiment. That's what great. Or maybe go to smaller company with a great quality. Like Busker Busker's company. That suit them the most.

Okay, just..
Let them choose their own company, shall we?