The Dangerous B.A.P: Badman

It was Indonesia's 68th Birthday, or the Independence Day like two  days ago. But I haven't celebrate it properly. Because I have to attend my best friend's birthday. By the way, happy birthday my very own country. Hope we can do well in developing you. :)

Is it been such a long time?
I just keep longing for writing here. I kept thinking about a topic, B.A.P's new mini album: BADMAN.
I am not an avid fan but their latest songs are hip!

It is B.A.P!
They released an M/V a week ago. The music video was taken in Detroit. The place is freaking awesome. I just love how Detroit is such a match with their song concept. Everything was dark but still with the touch of hip hop sick beat.
The song 'Badman' itself is sooo B.A.P. Of course because it's made by the leader himself, Bang Yongguk. Have I told you about him before? He is awesome.

I really love the beats on 'Badman'. After 2 or 3 times listening to the audio (I just watched the M/V like only twice) I absolutely digging it. It brings back to the time when I was so into Block B and their albums, all I want is just to repeat all of them. Really.

This 'Badman' track has so many charms and the fierceness is perfect. The track is different with One Shot. For me, One Shot has more a drama-like feeling and so arranged rather than Bad Man which is more free kind of like video.. Showing us the 'bad side' and not really arranged in a clear story line.
In One Shot, you can see them acting in the drama. Well here in Badman, they were using so many people to act in this one whole place. And what? The B.A.P members were only watching the scene... There was a freaking fights and some kind of war.... What are you doing, exactly?

Oh and Badman has this dance break and also an Indian melody in it.... You have to listen!
See the video and tell me your opinions and what's lacking and what's not.

Soooo back to the review. I love the other tracks.
Try to listen to the songs please! If you like dance genre or hip-hop, you should definitely listen to this album!
Even for the intro, you will be welcomed by the fierce Whut's Poppin' with their awesome rapping skills.
And another favorite in this album is Excuse Me. The lyrics itself spreads the awesomeness and their confidence. Well the lyrics aren't that 'nice' but I like it because I feel that braveness and confidence for singing this song. It's not easy, I think. Because the lyrics are about criticising the K-Pop industry about 'what is going on exactly with the industry?' It IS arrogant. But I don't think they are criticising the other groups.
They are shouting 'We are different' 'This is our kind of music' and something harder than that, sharp and mean. CLICK HERE for the lyrics.

For the slow song, you have to try Coffee Shop. It has a very different vibe with the other tracks.
Also their fifth track Bow Wow featuring Secret's Sunhwa is different too. It is more cute and it reminds me to their song 'Stop It'.
The last track is Hurricane, which was released earlier than the other song (except Coffee Shop which was released even before Hurricane). It's dubstep people! I'm amazed that they are brave enough to pull this song. I'm like in the club, dancing to the rhythm... At first I don't like this song so much, but now it's a very nice song to dance to.. You just want to nod along.