We made a song! #HARUSKAH

Haruskah kau tinggalkan semua? 


Hello guys I come back! Today I won't be talking about k-pop and stuffs but I will be talking about my last project in 12th grade (YAAAAS.) which has just ended.

The project started from the beginning of the 12th grade, with the teacher divided us into 3 groups consist of 8 to 9 members.... Don't need to explain all the details like story telling, but long story short we were assigned to create a song which themed social or love or family and even can consist the two or three of them. We chose friendship with no specific reason and we think it can be referred as social or love.

We made our song, recorded it with professionals, got the song (with my voice on it), shot our music video, and presented it in the school. Sadly, the song that we think is superb and has its own charms didn't win the best music award and the best video award. We had big hopes but unfortunately, we didn't win anything.
I was disappointed, of course. I was the editor of the music video and worked my ass off, but I felt like I didn't get appreciated. The song is really awesome, too, because for me it has its story and doesn't sound boring.

The song itself is about friendship, its a story about two friends which parted because one of them has one new friend. The songs says "Haruskah?" Do we have to part because you get a new friend?

But it was an awesome experience because it has been my dream to record a song and make one too! I feel like I'm closer to music, because this time I'm not a listener, but also a lyricist and a singer.