About October

I was about to write K-pop comebacks, starting from Epik High, Miss A, Block B, and Ailee.
But didn't know where to start. otl.

Epik High and Block B got me kinda disappointed at first. But look what I've got now. Addiction.
I didn't really like the song, because there're so many differences with the old songs, but they grew up in me. I enjoy listening to them, especially Block B--because I'm not an avid fan of Epik High--yeah.
Still love the old songs of Epik High, the best. And I realized I fell so hard into their sensitive songs. So called like, 1 Minute, 1 Second; Fool; and It's Cold (their song from the new '99' album). Plus the non-sensitive-but-inspiring song, Run. Me likey.

You should check the Run M/V, it's so cool, plus featuring L/the infamous Kim Myungsoo. They WERE in Woollim Entertainment (where Infinite are), but got out and is now signed with YGE.

Their new songs--which one is the title song, I don't know--are Up and Don't Hate Me. Each of them have an M/V. Be sure to check them out. Plus check out the hilarious karaoke M/V for It's Cold.

Epik High consist of 3 persons, that is including one DJ called DJ Tukutz. Cool. With two rappers, Tablo and Mithra Jin, so talented, they made most of their songs themselves.
Just like Block B. The leader IS a talented producer, Zico. Have I told you about the mixtapes he had? Awesome.
Hmm.. Epik High and Block B are somehow connected......

Block B's new title song Nillili Mambo. Hilarious title. I know. Turns out I don't really like the M/V and the song..but I already tell you that they grew up in me. So, it's okay to dancing like crazy, right?
I prefer the other songs from their new album 'Blockbuster' like 11.30; Movie's Over; plus the catchy beat Mental Breaker.

About Miss A..well I think everybody knows their new song.. I Don't Need A Man. So catchy. I really like it. No need further opinions, okay. I just love it.

Ailee, I Will Show You, I think everybody likes it too. I prefer Heaven or maybe Night Sky/Evening Sky in her new album 'Invitation'. And there's a good news for Night Sky: http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=18990 ASSA~

Enough with the K-pop spazzing. :)
Sorry for no HyunA's comeback talk. My ice cream doesn't melt, Hyun. 


The 1st and The Best

BigBang Alive Tour in Indonesia 2012.
I watched BigBang two days ago. Yes. I watched them. The first concert i've ever been.
I'm still in the state of euphoria. Been talking about this concert with my sister ever since i wake up this morning haha.

Came to MEIS (Mata Elang Intl Stadium) at about 4.30 PM, and i directly went to the queue, which was almost full. Long queue. LONG. And the gate opened at 6.30 PM(maybe?). My legs were about to sunk.
Finally got in to the venue at 7 PM. The seating is not bad. Got the left side front. And it was so close to the led screen. High quality boy.

And the concert started. Do i have to tell you the details? I just type what i remember ya :)
It started at 8 PM. About a minute before, bigbang members (don't know who) showed up from the left side of the stage. And we were screaming so loud. I got into the feeling, and start screaming too of course.

 They came out with capsules and started to sing the intro from their Alive album, 'Still Alive'.

I forgot the set list haha. But i know that in the front there was 'Tonight' and some other upbeat songs.
In the break, i remember they introduced themselves to us. All i remember was Daesung, "Nama saya thaesung, nama saya thaesung" and a short one from TOP, "Nice to meet you.... TOP."

>> fast forward

Okay, they continued the concert with more slow songs (actually i forgot sowruih). But i remember when Daesung, Seungri plus Taeyang were chatting and talking about indonesian foods. Seungri said he likes mi goreng (fried noodles). Forgot about the others, but Daesung said, "Lendang, mi goreng, mhakanan." LOL

And it's GD and TOP time aha! They sang 'Knock Out' and then 'High High'. YEAH MAN. They are my favorites, totally rocks the stage. And the beat sounds so huge, filling up the venue. 

Of course all the members got a solo stage.
Seungri sang 'Strong Baby' and 'What Can I Do?' with a spy or police concept. I really love the lighting in ejjeorago. ♥

Taeyang sang 'Only Look at Me' and 'Wedding Dress'. My sister was pretty disappointed because he didn't sing 'I Need a Girl', but i'm okay with that. And he ripped his shirt at the end of his solo stage. Man.

Daesung sang 'Wings'. Oh mai gawd, really my favorite. His voice was really really awesome. Plus a little surprise... the pretty angel's wings. I love youuuu.

GD don't get his solo stage. I'm disappointed because i was waiting for 'Crayon' and 'One of a kind' on stage huhu. :'( but he sang a short preview with beatbox by Seungri. 

Bigbang sang so many hit songs like Last Farewell, Number 1, Gara Gara Go, Lies, Haru Haru, Fantastic Baby, Blue, Monster, Bad Boy, Hands Up, Love Song, Cafe, How Gee, and Stupid Liar. 
Haru haru is totally my favorite. We sang along to the song, and the concert venue was filled up with our voices. I really want to record it, but i'm gone with the atmosphere. 

Taeyang made his own rap, with "Aku cinta padamu". It was so hilarious. Too bad i didn't record it. 
Plus Seungri was playing with us, he knew or maybe watched OVJ, he said that Indonesian likes this kind of comedy. And he told the other members to do "Eeeeee~ aa~" and the members don't understand. So, Seung explained to them in korean LOL. "it's like ee~ yeah" so the members gone solo and tried it themselves. Daesung and Seungri were so hilarious, and they talked so much, despite their not really good english (if we compare it to the other members). And Taeyang talked so much too, like of course, he likes to converse with us. GD talked, but he remains cool, BUT still, his english is so pretty, like europeans tryin to talk english. TOP talked, cool, and remains silent. And the fact is, i still love them all. 

I'm totally disappointed.. they didn't sang 'Sunset Glow' here. I thought it's gonna be their encore song. But what? Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby played again for the second time. But it is still fun. Taeyang went down to the Standing (with his bare abs body) and played with the crowd. Dancing in front of them and touching their hands. SO LUCKY.
Seungri and GD sat on the edge of the stage and went down too. Those standing people sure had a lot of fun. They even throw lotsa things. ....they are just lucky. *envy*

What a fast two hours of my life.

P.s. Seungri and Daesung were so handsome on stage. I fell in love so hard with bb seungri. *list of bias overloaded*
Though I was in Tribune-1, but I was standing on the chair every time the songs played. I should've just got the Standing one...

Sorry for this full of mess post. I just type everything that i really wanna tell.....


Fly to the Moon

Make me stop, before i fall to hard into Lunafly.

Yeap, a new korean boyband again. Except, they don't dance. Guitar is their personality.
They released the mini album earlier on September. Thought it's just another boyband. But they are different.
They are from Nega Network - BEG's company - and now i know that nega network produce a great great talented artists. Really they are just soooo flawless. Their voices. I can't get enough of them. (well the fact is.. i can.)

And you know what? One of them is a Korean-British. Named Sam Carter (he did a duet with Megan Lee+ he's the leader). Like. YE. AH. I watched their interview with soompi (do not open. they are unexpected) once, and the accent. MAN.
00. Superhero (Eng. ver of 'How nice it would be') [not in the album, but released on iTunes]
01. 얼마나 좋을까 (How nice it would be) [Title song]
02. 니 이름이 뭐니 (What's your name)
03. One More Step

And since they only have four songs, i have to be patient and i have to not listen to them all the time. i don't want to get bored :p

I don't know will this fangirling stop or not. My list of favorite boyband list is now too many.
First Beast, second it's Infinite, Block B, now Lunafly. How can i share more money, more time? I can't even but their albums.

Du du dun. Please welcome my fave song from them.

Yes. YES. it DOES sound like Billionaire. Who cares?
All their songs are recommended for you to listen. ALL. :)

+   B L O C K   B   I S  B A C K.