Beast 'Shadow (그림자)'

Once again, one of my favorite boyband come back from their hiding. Last year they brought us into the party world. And now it is changing 180 degrees to a melancholy upbeat song.

Just like 2 years ago, Fiction. This one is also a sad song. But what extinguish them is that now, the title song 'Shadow' has more dark and gothic vibe. Celebrating summer with a dark concepttt~

At least they tried something new. This album is produced by Junhyung (still with some help from Kim Taejoo), but I'm so happy to listen to the songs that Junhyung produced...
I also need to mention that Yoseob was helping all lyrics-writing process. (mainly chorus)

Who can not be proud? It is a rare opportunity to listen to the song they made. This is perfection.

Actually, I don't really like the song at first. You know what, I even forgot at the day (19th July) when they released the M/V. .....being a horrible fan.
The song is soooo dark. Not to my liking. But did anyone know how I got into VIXX? Beacuse of their talent of pulling those vampire dark concept. Plus their song isn't bad at all.
This happened to Beast. I was at shock. I knew that they were going to pull a dark concept, but I was not being prepared. Who knew they'd pull that strong and deep dark vibe?
First impression: Too strong. I couldn't imagine.
...... But now it happens again~ I am listening to it once again and listening to the songs on the album again.
Not bad for a first timer album producer like Junhyung.

The M/V is awesome guise! I love the dark and how it is fit to the song. Love the figure, who is kind of creepy. And the girl is creepy too, but she's pretty.
I love how the girl dancing at the back............ is she the same girl?

And what a great effect you use Cube Ent. I think it's your first time using that effect, isn't it? But I like it very much.
Especially when it's used at Junhyung's rap part at the back. I LOVE IT. Except his eyes.......... which turn all-white in just a second. That's horror. His part is my favorite!! The moving camera and the two-scenes (?) at his rap part... is a thumbs up.
But HAHAHA that dog.

What I dislike is their earrings. It is a definite NO. That is clearly not your style, don't put it on........
Hmm I love the eye shadows... (Shoot. It looks good on Hyunseung. Or maybe everyone.)

Dongwoon's part is a favorite. Need to see it live!

And this city scene. I love it. But it is only a CG, yeah right? I don't think it is real... the cities, the buildings. But the statue at the back is cool. Though it's so big and creepy.

A bonus. I just want you too see the cute Yoseob goes all muscular because of his hobby, boxing. Oh lol.

And I will be back with a review of the album! Really need to review that because it's Junhyung's work!!


Infinite 'DESTINY'

I feel like I have to post something, because school is coming.
Goodbye times for fangirling, goodbye times for watching.. I have to stay focus..? (can't believe I said that, that's maybe not gonna happen until September coming)

Why? I am so excited. Almost everyday, I think about INFINITE's concert 'One Great Step' World Tour in Indonesia. It is on 31st August!

The point is, I need to gather money for buying the ticket. Let's hope that it won't be sold out just yet. I'll be an annoying blabber and a crybaby if I don't get the ticket. My mind's been panicking. How can I get the ticket?
Let's just hope and pray so I'll get my festival ticket... Pretty please.

And I have to thank Woollim for not forgetting us Indonesian Inspirits.

They released a new M/V! (and a new single album, may I add)
They shot it in Universal Studio.. which is awesome. They used the movie set for Inception and Transformer filming, and it is huge. They are the first korean artist who used the set. Fascinating, isn't it?

Destiny M/V and album REVIEW!

I love it so far!
If you listen to the song 'DESTINY', it got a kind of weird opening, with the visual, L, singing. But then (I really love this part) Sunggyu opens the song with his eargasm voice (oh my bias), and I really like the flow! When he sings 'For you~' Kya.
And of course, Sungjong and Sungyeol get their parts and I'm not disappointed with that. They look oh so manly. YAY Sungjong you handsome.
I'm happy they are back with this kind of song. Because truthfully I don't really like their 'Man in Love' song.


They released Infinite's Destiny M/V on 13.07.16 and it's named Version B. Whoops. That means, you got the Version A. Please release it soon, don't try to troll us. Ha.

The song 'Destiny' have an annoying intro. You will listen some kind of wind sound and it's annoying..... But when you got into Sunggyu's opening part.... Those sounds..... is love. I really love this part more than the chorus. But the chorus isn't bad! And also Sunggyu's 'Cause you're my destiny' part is awesome. Plus the 'oooo' part in the chorus. Kya.

Second song: Inception. Funny and unusual intro.... But it goes well with their voices. The chorus is missing something, I think. But the further I go, the more I love it.....

Third song: 너에게 간다. This. is. Perfection.
I love this song so much, besides 'Destiny'. Their voices are like whispering to me.... Slow beat, but then you meet an awesome chorus... and is closed with a slow beat again. I don't know what to tell or what to complain. :')

Fourth song: 엄마.
Not really my kind of ballad song, because I still like 'Only Tears' better. But Inspirits around me couldn't wait for this song, there was so many of them waiting for this song.
I only love the chorus. It is perfect......~

A bonus for those who are reading.... Destiny M/V making!

Plus plus plus Beast are coming back too, on 19th July. I'm sure that I'm gonna review their new FULL album, which is produced by Yong Junhyung himself. What a masterpiece.

AND... Sooorryy can't find the audios that aren't blocked in youtube. Why don't you try to listen at melon? :)


I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려)

Hello! I'm feeling sorry for not posting here.... Because I'm actually have a lot of time to spend, but blogging seems so far away?

I've been watching so many dramas this holiday. And I've just ended Monstar episode 8... what an heart wrenching story back at the very end of the episode! I can not give you spoilers since I think I'd be difficult to tell you to.
Need to wait for one more week to see what is gonna happen next. *table flip*

Since the title post is, I Hear Your Voice, I have to talk to you about it then.

I Hear Your Voice is a story about a man (Lee Jongsuk, the one who's at the right, pretty right.) who hears what are people thinking just by seeing people's eyes. Which is kind of interesting for me. So I take my time to watch it.
The background of the story, when I saw it for the first time, is not really addicting, nor pulling me to the drama. The background is about law, which I don't really pay attention into.

Law... is a pretty confusing world, eh? "Something is gonna burst in my head," that was what I thought when I was going to watch it.

And meeeeh. Wrong guess.

The writer-nim goes with a story that we still can understand. All the cases that I have watched is pretty... interesting I guess? (Ya, since it's a drama, of course they make interesting cases).
It is a different kind of drama from what people watch these days. With a touch of the law, it makes the drama goes really different, good, but not difficult to understand.
Of course, it has the sense of romance, but not melodrama. (say no to melodramas!)

The main actress and the main actor, which is Lee Boyoung and Lee Jongsuk, don't get much justice here. Maybe you think it is weird, since it is a law-based drama but the main actors don't get their righteousness? We'll see.

It is law-based, but also get that kind of mystery genre.
.... But it is exhilarating to watch this kind of drama. Will you watch it?

The one and the only one Kim Sohyun. I ber some of you notice here. She is the little Lee Boyoung! 

ps. I kind of wanting that ability to hear what people think. But Lee Jongsuk said that it is a very noisy world. Well, sometimes not knowing the truth is quite comfortable.
......and I just found out that the writer is the one who writes Dream High. Never thought that far......

For more information: CLICK HERE HERE HERE