Secretly Greatly (은밀하게 위대하게)

Just watched Secretly Greatly. It's a new Korean movie. Released on June 5th.

What attracts me to this movie:
It's starred by Kim Soohyun, Lee Hyunwoo, and also Park Kiwoong.
The plot itself is hilarious I think. I want to see the handsome Kim Soohyun acts as a village idiot.

The three are North-Koreans who received missions to spy South Korea (secret agent). Soohyun acts as an village idiot. Park Kiwoong acts as a singer wannabe. And Lee Hyunwoo acts as an ordinary high school student.
Soohyun lives in South for two years, while the other two are actually new-comers.
They are waiting for the orders from the North, and the order finally comes.
You'll be surprised. I can't tell you the fun here, you have to watch it yourself.
and it's so easy you can open this: http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-movie/secretly-greatly-2013 plus catch the awesomeness.

I wanna tell you that, I had so much fun watching this movie. Even though it's an action movie, it is not that tense. You will welcomed by a lot of comedy because that village idiot.

After I opened the 'Secretly, Greatly' wiki, it's actually adapted from a webtoon. A web toon is like a comic strip. I think you can only find them on the site like Daum. And it's totally free guys.
Amazing how comic-strips like this can turn into a movie.
Here is the link for the webtoon if you want to give it a try.
...but it's all in Korean. to read the webtoon, you can simply click this link.

plus plus I'm logged in on my daum account... I don't know if it works or not with an anonymous.. 
It works okay. Have fun reading!

And I want to critic something. Does korean movies always have this unpleasant ending?
It is just...so sad. I need more information about how is them doing......
It is not the first time I'm disappointed with such ending.

I need you to guess.
Are they all end up dying? Or are they not?

More info: http://asianwiki.com/Secretly_Greatly


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