31st of December

I just feel that I need to write a last post for 2012. It's not written in any rules in blogger (yeah right), I just think it's......necessary. It still necessary when I actually don't have anything to write.

Hm.... K-Pop, it is.

Let me just re-cap this last week of December. It's full of festivals from korean tv channels. Which contents are almost the same. Except, SBS, which pulled out a project 'The Color of K-Pop' and more artists than the other channels, plus point, I love the stage setting. Wonderful!
In 'The Color of K-pop' you can see your favorite members of any girl/boy bands unite together to make a new performances. It's actually rare to see them collaborating in their very own song and dance. The color consists White, Red, Blue, and Black.
Their song is addicting. Well, the White one, Mystic White, attracts me the most. Because of their guitar intro, I *really* like it. I thought it's gonna be too cute, but then, I took too fast conclusion. It's catchy and my favorite. But it's still too cute.....
(Listen to the song... it'll grow on you!) ((The stage is gorgeous, right..)) (((Watch in on HD!)))

Red goes sexy, which I don't really like, they are on the 4th rank for me. But their name goes well with them, Dazzling Red.
Blue and Black are still competing in my heart.........
& Infinite's stage is also cool. Like VERY.

In this NYE, I'm just sitting all day in my house, have nothing to do... Wanna go to the mall, but I've been doing that for days. I haven't got a real holiday. Someone take me out of this city! School's gonna be on 10th of January, I wish I still have time to hang around a little longer.....

About my new year resolutions.... I keep those for myself, can I?
And happy new year for all of you! This is special made by me since I don't have anything to do :(
Have a great year ahead. Clara loves all of you!
Goodbye 2012.

p.s.: need to face the early 2013 tomorrow with meeting my father's family (in my house). I'm not really friendly to them. It's gonna be a long loooooong day.



Okay. Posting something personal here. Since I thought this blog needs it..... when the half part of me wants to write K-pop. Again. Hmm.
I've moved house about less than two weeks ago. Maybe. I forgot.
The house is bigger. But it's far. Far from school + my... culinary friends.

I love the house. Except the fact that the house is divided in half. One for my family, and one for my grandma. Don't really enjoy living with my grandma. But what can I do? The house is bought by her, I can't complain. ......but I'm still feeling uncomfortable. You know, when she comes into my room, I feel kinda nervous and, uncomfortable. I'm feeling bad, but I can't do anything.

Plus I haven't made any friends here. All I do is sitting in front of the computer, lingering in my room, watching TV. Feeling so pathetic. ;((

But YEAH MAN exams are over! School is great. Especially friends.

Yeah, my life is boring.
Now, let's get into k-pop *yes. finally.*
Fangirl feels comes back when Yoseob is out.
He's out with 'Caffeine'. Freaking love the song. Well it's better than Sunggyu's. The fact that it's so conceptional, the lyrics, the M/V, and the dance. Yong Junhyung is talented, you see?
So many songs come out, and many of them that I like. Some of them:

Ever heard about Clazziquai? They aren't my favorite, but they have talent. I like them this time!
....while Lunafly is back with an acoustic-mellow songs, which I don't really like. I'm gonna listen to it again, maybe it'll grow up in me.

And I'm in love with Crucial Star. Another K-indie, I think? Oh, just found out that he's a rapper about a minute ago. THANKS WIKIPEDIA. Just found out his twitter @crucialll. *feeling like a stalker now* He's just launched his new album, 'Fall'.
Give thanks to the girl's voice, I'm in love with this song.



I get double

Because you know wai?

Okay. My favorite boyband of all, you know, Beast and Infinite, is gonna have a solo project album. 
The main vocals of the groups.....ALSO my freaking favorite member from the two. 
Well, Kim Sunggyu (from Infinite) has already released his debut M/V about 3 days ago. The song is awesome, it's my kind of song. I really love the chorus, Kim Sunggyu's powerful vocals. Well I'm not really satisfied with the M/V since there's not much of Kim Sunggyu. Too much of L? But okay... he's also cute. Who doesn't admit that L is handsome btw?

It's like a rocker concept, and the photos go minimalist? Erm.. futuristic? His red hair is awesome. :)

2 days later after Kyu released 'Another Me', there comes Yang Yoseob. There's a sudden news from @Joker891219....... the TRACKLIST. And it's Yoseob who's gonna sing. SOLO. ERGH. I'm hoping it's gonna be a great song, since it's main vocal Yang Yoseob plus producer Yong Junhyung. 

The concept looks much classy? It's like in some kind of circus..but what's up with the cup....in a circus?! Well the title track is goin to be 'Caffeine'.. HMM IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD OKAY. Don't disappoint me. I've already put so much expectation. 

Seen the photos already? Got the different feelings right? Need to take care of my feelings wisely...
See you next time... will probably spazzing about Yoseob for the next post!
Main vocals, congratulations.


Stop it

Hello it's November. Means.. a big day of Indonesian wonderfuls + my desperate feels to watch them, Spexran (my school's cup), one month until exam, more and more new lessons, and etc.
I'm not gonna talk about my personal thingy, but I am going to nag about concerts.
I'm not a huge fan of Wonder Girls, but after I watched Bigbang, I catched the extremely awesome feeling after watching a concert, which makes me wants to attend more.
I know their songs from their latest album from Be My Baby era until Like Money. Catchy, upbeat, the rap song from Hyelim, the sentimental + deep song from Yenny (or Ha:felt, that's what she called herself). Like this yo.
Tryin my best to attend many quizzes and I've got nothing. ;(

Okay now, back to the reality, recently I like to listen to these.

Geeks came back people~ with 'Officialy Missing You, Too' the remake of Officially Missing You. Though I only know like 2-3 songs from them, (and my favorite is Officially Missing You), they're just flawless. I always loved OMY. Who else can cover a song as beautiful as that.
ps: OMY is actually a song from Tamia. But they made their own version, which is so much better in my opinion.
and I like the old version better. But it's okay.

Plus B.A.P's Stop It. Cute M/V, and awesome song! Let me become a Baby for a while. DAEHYUN! New bias....... hehe. Why do I like main vocalists the most.....

cr: ©Two Hearts + fuckyeahdaehyun.tumblr


About October

I was about to write K-pop comebacks, starting from Epik High, Miss A, Block B, and Ailee.
But didn't know where to start. otl.

Epik High and Block B got me kinda disappointed at first. But look what I've got now. Addiction.
I didn't really like the song, because there're so many differences with the old songs, but they grew up in me. I enjoy listening to them, especially Block B--because I'm not an avid fan of Epik High--yeah.
Still love the old songs of Epik High, the best. And I realized I fell so hard into their sensitive songs. So called like, 1 Minute, 1 Second; Fool; and It's Cold (their song from the new '99' album). Plus the non-sensitive-but-inspiring song, Run. Me likey.

You should check the Run M/V, it's so cool, plus featuring L/the infamous Kim Myungsoo. They WERE in Woollim Entertainment (where Infinite are), but got out and is now signed with YGE.

Their new songs--which one is the title song, I don't know--are Up and Don't Hate Me. Each of them have an M/V. Be sure to check them out. Plus check out the hilarious karaoke M/V for It's Cold.

Epik High consist of 3 persons, that is including one DJ called DJ Tukutz. Cool. With two rappers, Tablo and Mithra Jin, so talented, they made most of their songs themselves.
Just like Block B. The leader IS a talented producer, Zico. Have I told you about the mixtapes he had? Awesome.
Hmm.. Epik High and Block B are somehow connected......

Block B's new title song Nillili Mambo. Hilarious title. I know. Turns out I don't really like the M/V and the song..but I already tell you that they grew up in me. So, it's okay to dancing like crazy, right?
I prefer the other songs from their new album 'Blockbuster' like 11.30; Movie's Over; plus the catchy beat Mental Breaker.

About Miss A..well I think everybody knows their new song.. I Don't Need A Man. So catchy. I really like it. No need further opinions, okay. I just love it.

Ailee, I Will Show You, I think everybody likes it too. I prefer Heaven or maybe Night Sky/Evening Sky in her new album 'Invitation'. And there's a good news for Night Sky: http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=18990 ASSA~

Enough with the K-pop spazzing. :)
Sorry for no HyunA's comeback talk. My ice cream doesn't melt, Hyun. 


The 1st and The Best

BigBang Alive Tour in Indonesia 2012.
I watched BigBang two days ago. Yes. I watched them. The first concert i've ever been.
I'm still in the state of euphoria. Been talking about this concert with my sister ever since i wake up this morning haha.

Came to MEIS (Mata Elang Intl Stadium) at about 4.30 PM, and i directly went to the queue, which was almost full. Long queue. LONG. And the gate opened at 6.30 PM(maybe?). My legs were about to sunk.
Finally got in to the venue at 7 PM. The seating is not bad. Got the left side front. And it was so close to the led screen. High quality boy.

And the concert started. Do i have to tell you the details? I just type what i remember ya :)
It started at 8 PM. About a minute before, bigbang members (don't know who) showed up from the left side of the stage. And we were screaming so loud. I got into the feeling, and start screaming too of course.

 They came out with capsules and started to sing the intro from their Alive album, 'Still Alive'.

I forgot the set list haha. But i know that in the front there was 'Tonight' and some other upbeat songs.
In the break, i remember they introduced themselves to us. All i remember was Daesung, "Nama saya thaesung, nama saya thaesung" and a short one from TOP, "Nice to meet you.... TOP."

>> fast forward

Okay, they continued the concert with more slow songs (actually i forgot sowruih). But i remember when Daesung, Seungri plus Taeyang were chatting and talking about indonesian foods. Seungri said he likes mi goreng (fried noodles). Forgot about the others, but Daesung said, "Lendang, mi goreng, mhakanan." LOL

And it's GD and TOP time aha! They sang 'Knock Out' and then 'High High'. YEAH MAN. They are my favorites, totally rocks the stage. And the beat sounds so huge, filling up the venue. 

Of course all the members got a solo stage.
Seungri sang 'Strong Baby' and 'What Can I Do?' with a spy or police concept. I really love the lighting in ejjeorago. ♥

Taeyang sang 'Only Look at Me' and 'Wedding Dress'. My sister was pretty disappointed because he didn't sing 'I Need a Girl', but i'm okay with that. And he ripped his shirt at the end of his solo stage. Man.

Daesung sang 'Wings'. Oh mai gawd, really my favorite. His voice was really really awesome. Plus a little surprise... the pretty angel's wings. I love youuuu.

GD don't get his solo stage. I'm disappointed because i was waiting for 'Crayon' and 'One of a kind' on stage huhu. :'( but he sang a short preview with beatbox by Seungri. 

Bigbang sang so many hit songs like Last Farewell, Number 1, Gara Gara Go, Lies, Haru Haru, Fantastic Baby, Blue, Monster, Bad Boy, Hands Up, Love Song, Cafe, How Gee, and Stupid Liar. 
Haru haru is totally my favorite. We sang along to the song, and the concert venue was filled up with our voices. I really want to record it, but i'm gone with the atmosphere. 

Taeyang made his own rap, with "Aku cinta padamu". It was so hilarious. Too bad i didn't record it. 
Plus Seungri was playing with us, he knew or maybe watched OVJ, he said that Indonesian likes this kind of comedy. And he told the other members to do "Eeeeee~ aa~" and the members don't understand. So, Seung explained to them in korean LOL. "it's like ee~ yeah" so the members gone solo and tried it themselves. Daesung and Seungri were so hilarious, and they talked so much, despite their not really good english (if we compare it to the other members). And Taeyang talked so much too, like of course, he likes to converse with us. GD talked, but he remains cool, BUT still, his english is so pretty, like europeans tryin to talk english. TOP talked, cool, and remains silent. And the fact is, i still love them all. 

I'm totally disappointed.. they didn't sang 'Sunset Glow' here. I thought it's gonna be their encore song. But what? Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby played again for the second time. But it is still fun. Taeyang went down to the Standing (with his bare abs body) and played with the crowd. Dancing in front of them and touching their hands. SO LUCKY.
Seungri and GD sat on the edge of the stage and went down too. Those standing people sure had a lot of fun. They even throw lotsa things. ....they are just lucky. *envy*

What a fast two hours of my life.

P.s. Seungri and Daesung were so handsome on stage. I fell in love so hard with bb seungri. *list of bias overloaded*
Though I was in Tribune-1, but I was standing on the chair every time the songs played. I should've just got the Standing one...

Sorry for this full of mess post. I just type everything that i really wanna tell.....


Fly to the Moon

Make me stop, before i fall to hard into Lunafly.

Yeap, a new korean boyband again. Except, they don't dance. Guitar is their personality.
They released the mini album earlier on September. Thought it's just another boyband. But they are different.
They are from Nega Network - BEG's company - and now i know that nega network produce a great great talented artists. Really they are just soooo flawless. Their voices. I can't get enough of them. (well the fact is.. i can.)

And you know what? One of them is a Korean-British. Named Sam Carter (he did a duet with Megan Lee+ he's the leader). Like. YE. AH. I watched their interview with soompi (do not open. they are unexpected) once, and the accent. MAN.
00. Superhero (Eng. ver of 'How nice it would be') [not in the album, but released on iTunes]
01. 얼마나 좋을까 (How nice it would be) [Title song]
02. 니 이름이 뭐니 (What's your name)
03. One More Step

And since they only have four songs, i have to be patient and i have to not listen to them all the time. i don't want to get bored :p

I don't know will this fangirling stop or not. My list of favorite boyband list is now too many.
First Beast, second it's Infinite, Block B, now Lunafly. How can i share more money, more time? I can't even but their albums.

Du du dun. Please welcome my fave song from them.

Yes. YES. it DOES sound like Billionaire. Who cares?
All their songs are recommended for you to listen. ALL. :)

+   B L O C K   B   I S  B A C K. 


SMtown Jakarta

SMTown in Jakarta!!
I'm not an avid fan of them, but seeing them on the tv makes me melt. Need to write this fast before i lost the euphoria.
Yes, i've just watched the press conference, and it's too short. Some says that Leeteuk even brought a paper with him, but he can't read them because of the time.
Only Leeteuk said Selamat Sore (which means good afternoon) and some says Selamat Malam (good night), the MC even made a joke about it. Haha, Leeteuk, you can teach them..

And saw EXO in the screen is just--I'm speechless. They are soooo flawless. I really want to watch them. Well, just let me see them in the real life, so i can prove that they are exist. :"3

When will i have the chance to see them again.
*sobbing so hard*

And found the video already..

Credit to Excentrique0611


What's so random

I think too much these days.. well, i always think too much, but this is about my future. 
I come frustrated if someone ask what i wanna be. Architect? what came up in my mind is all about arts or music. But i don't know anything about them.... 

Now, it's holiday, i finally have a break from high school. I still can't adapt so well. Have too many tests in last two weeks. I wish i can be a eleventh grade student asap, and only learn science or social studies.

What am I gonna do...Should i extract all of the .rar folders (i have a lot, huge). 1 folder can consist 30 or 100 pictures haha. Thanks to korean masters. 
Lemme just share what pictures i got from this August till today...

p.s: seeing eunji here makes me remember about her and seo in guk in Reply 1997. YOU GUYS MUST WATCH IT. 



I'm so in love with songs with guitar accompaniment these days.
And ah.. hello. I finally have some time to write. I'm currently watching bunch of videos that stuck in my twitter's favorite and bookmarks. And now I'm watching Reply 1997 (with A-pink's Eunji << my bias >>, Infinite's Hoya, and Seo In Guk).

Back to song with guitar accompaniment.
G-Dragon's "That XX" released yesterday. And actually I've been avoiding BigBang's songs...but this song is just too perfect. Others say the *beep* sounds sound so disturbing, but I think it's okay. It's just the rap parts that don't match, or is it just me..? But still, GD sings and raps perfectly.
The lyrics are great. But it doesn't match with the video, I think.

Other songs with guitar... some old songs like..
IU's "Teacher" and Urban Zakapa's "Cafe Latte" and one more, it's Geeks' "Officially Missing You (Re-make)". Favoriteee!

......And I keep replaying Block B's songs. All of their songs. I can be a BBC if I want to.. :)


Party People: Midnight Sun

I love Beast's new mini album. Midnight Sun! I thought all of the song will have a 'dark' feeling, but when i saw the title track teaser "아름다운 밤이야 (It's a Beautiful Night)", man it's so different. 
Party concept and some dark concept pictures too. I'm satisfied, Cube. :'))

"Even with pressures of the long break, the reason why the album was delayed because of 'change'"
They was afraid bcos of the 'change', they thought b2utys are gonna hate the songs bcos yea, it's totally different. I know their old songs from Bad Girl era until Fiction. But this one, is awesome. 
They were gonna release a new album on May, but then the album was delayed, bcos they think it's the time to change. :'))))
When we asked Yong Junhyung to express this album in one word, Yong Junhyung said, "war." He added, "Making this album we had the hardest time as if we were in a war. People around us had the deepest concerns about us making changes. However, we believe that we want to show off our music confidently on stage, so we have no regrets."  (tr: b2strising)

My most favorite song is Dream Girl, then 내가 아니야 (It's Not Me)... honestly, i love all the songs. 
Dream Girl is a ballad, but not a hyper-ballad. Easy listening, and sweet. The lyrics are made by Junhyung, the powerful rapper and composer. The violet one. I love the emotions and their voiceees C: I fall in love.

 Ah. Whew.. How is it? Good? Thank youㅜㅜ keke We worked hard preparing it so show a lot of love okie? I love you too!! (High notes in Dream Girl is me..Hurry compliment meㄱㄱ) 
tr. b2stlytweets HAHA :3

And 니가 쉬는 날 (The Day You Rest)  is also composed by Junhyung. The lyrics too! the beat is sooo junhyung :3 it kinda weird on the first time you hear it, but the second time, like!! Bcos of the funky beat and cute lyrics haha. 

They have a sad song too, like 니가 보고 싶어지면 (When I Miss You). Full of emotions!
and for 
내가 아니야 (Not Me), the song intro sounds like chinese/korean traditional, and then they add some beat banggg the lyrics are cute. 

I woke up at 7AM the moment I opened my eyes
I met a friend and talked
After that, I went to eat a place I visit often
Not together with a girl, but together with Doojoon

it's the first verse, ahaha. I love it :3 this song talks about boy-girl misunderstanding. "It's not me, trust me baby."

and 아름다운 밤이야 (It's a Beautiful Night) the title track. Party people! lol. I love the mv, and WHAT A WONDERFUL SONG. It's composed by someone who i don't know. Its name is 'Goodnight, sleep well'. Really. 

S. Tiger (main composer of Cube) suggest to listen in the order of  'When I Miss You'-'Midnight'    'Not Me'-'It'a Beautiful Night'    'Dream Girl'-'The Day You Rest'. ENJOY THEN! 

별이빛나는아름다운 밤이야이야..☆

ps: there will be the dance ver. don't know when will be released.


Coming Soon

It's already announced. Beast comeback on 22nd of July and they're gonna reveal the 5th mini album's first single in 15th, called "Midnight". I don't know if it's the title track or not.
"Midnight" will be released a week prior to the mini-album, and is a post-breakup track with lyrics that speaks of the pain and loneliness one feels throughout the night. 
"This song is filled with BEAST's colour, in a theme that starts with clear piano and guitar sounds BEAST's heart-wrenching lyrics are well-incorporated" they explained. 
Pain and loneliness? Whoa, this reminds me of Fiction era. plus I think it's really not the title track. Just like "On Rainy Days", Cube always release a track before the actual album comes out.
I think the title track will sound more rebellious? cos when i see the M/V filming pictures, it does sound more rebellious.

I'm just too excited for their comeback haha.
and i found a great song from B.A.P! (yes sir! haha). Whatta great lyrics. Some of you maybe don't like the song, but i like it. This song reminds me of FTSK or Pee Wee Gaskins!

Goodbye! Greetings from Zelo! HAHA


New evol

Kinda confused. What should I do with my template and things. Should i use blogskin? But i'm afraid i'll post here often bcos if i use blogskin. It'll make the blog kinda like tumblr. So no blogskin, but i think i must make my own blog design. But i don't know what to dooo. So I'm using Yoseob's fiction and fact picture. Thanks to cube hahaha.

And I'm so excited for Beast comeback. It's mid-July, without any clear information about the date, but thanks Cube, finally. Miss them so much. It's been one year, like really? They are coming back. Ohhhh~
They was in US, filming the M/V for three days. And fans saw a different 'hair' concept in the airport. Blue eh...it's Violet one for Junhyung. Orange for Yoseob. And Red for Hyunseung.

Here's the pictures:

via: @GOODMAN910606 and @junhyungnet thankyou. 

Gonna post about it...when the M/V and everything is out. I'm waiting for Mid-July! ....but not excited for school (which is actually in 16th). Hue. 
...almost forgot. More about Beast M/V filming, here

2ne1 new song. and the M/V is out! Hurray~
produced by Teddy (again, of course) and co-composed by Lydia Paek (part of the quest crew too). No wonder it's awesome. 

Must hear. Not upbeat, but catchy hehe. Pie! :3


We cannot stop here

지금 멈추면 스포트라이트는 없다
There's no spotlight if we stop here

Judul: We Cannot Stop Here!
Penulis: Hong Seung Seong
Penerbit: Haru
Genre: Non-fiction, pengembangan diri
Tebal: 336 bw + 32 halaman FULL COLOUR + bonus Poster
Harga: Rp 65.000,00
Terbit: April 2012
"Pesan harapan yang disampaikan kepada para pemuda yang memimpikan berdiri di atas panggung." 
Kita tak menyangka bukan? Hong Seung Song, Direktur dari Cube Entertainment, masih memiliki waktu untuk menulis sebuah buku spesial untuk para peraih mimpi di luar sana? Menulis buku bukanlah suatu hal yang mudah. Tapi mungkin lebih mudah daripada mengurus trainee-trainee dan grup 4Minute, Beast, dan juga G.NA. 
Buku ini berkisah tentang awal kesukaannya dengan musik, hingga akhirnya ia memberanikan diri untuk mewujudkan mimpinya untuk masuk ke dunia musik. 

Awalnya, beliau hanyalah seorang yang menyukai musik. Sejak tahun 80-an, ia sudah terhanyut di lautan musik. Tapi beliau tak berencana untuk masuk ke bisnis musik. Pertama bekerja, dirinya hanyalah seorang pegawai dari perusahaan event spesialis. Tapi dari sinilah, ia membuka hatinya untuk meraih hal yang disukainya. Saat ia mendapat pekerjaan di perusahaannya ini, beliau tak jarang mundar-mandir ke stasiun-stasiun TV. Hal ini membuatnya terhubung dengan agensi para penyanyi. Yang kemudian membuat Direktur Hong menemukan mimpinya dan ingin mewujudkan mimpi tersebut menjadi nyata. Seorang pebisnis album.

Beliau pun segera berencana untuk membuat sebuah boyband bernama D-Boys (Dangerous Boys), yang gagal karena dance musik Euro yang tak biasa di telinga para masyarakat. Sekarang entah kemana boyband tersebut (nama D-Boys sekarang dipakai oleh sebuah boyband di Jepang). Beliau pun ingin belajar lebih 'nekat' lagi. Sampai akhirnya, Direktur Hong bertemu Komposer Lee Yung Hoon (sekarang sudah almarhum). Ia belajar dan belajar kepada sang komposer terkenal tersebut hingga dua tahun terlewati. Dua tahun, beliau belajar nilai yang tak terwujud. Ia pun meninggalkan hyung-nya, dan membangun sebuah keberhasilan sebagai seorang manajer. Lee Yaeri, Park Ki Young, dan Kim Dong Ryul adalah bukti dari kesuksesannya. 

Daeyoung A/V, salah satu agensi di Korea yang memintanya untuk menjadi manajer Kim Dong Ryul. Beliau sangat bangga, karena dari agensi ini lah, ia bisa memperluas jangkauan musiknya dan membesarkan mimpinya. Dari agensi juga, beliau bertemu dengan Park Jin Young. Park Jin Young yang memiliki selera yang sama seperti Direktur Hong mengajaknya untuk mandiri bersama JYP. Beliau tak ragu untuk ikut kedalamnya.

Setelah beberapa tahun bekerja di JYP, beliau tentu adalah salah satu orang terpercaya di JYP, tapi beliau memutuskan untuk keluar dan membuat managemennya sendiri. Meskipun sulit untuk meninggalkan 2AM dan orang-orang JYP, terbentuklah Cube Entertainment. Direktur Hong memulai semua perjuangannya dari awal. Beliau tentu punya lebih banyak lagi tugas daripada saat di JYP, tapi pengalamannya ini selalu membuat dirinya kuat. Beliau membuat Cube seperti keluarga kedua para trainee. Ia selalu mencoba untuk dekat dengan para trainee, menjalin hubungan sosial yang baik tanpa melupakan relasinya dengan orang-orang di JYP.

Grup pertama yang didebutkan oleh Cube adalah 4Minute. Grup ini pertama dicap sebagai 'Grup HyunA', karena HyunA adalah ex-Wonder Girls. Banyak fans yang sangat menantikan penampilan HyunA kembali. Hal ini tentu membuat para member tertekan. Apalagi saat pertama kali tampil, tidak banyak masyarakat yang menerima 4Minute. Tapi, hal tersebut membuahkan hasil, mereka mendapatkan awards di stasiun TV pada single keduanya yang berjudul "Muzik". Sekarang sudah terbukti kalau 4Minute adalah salah satu girlband korea yang terkenal.

Ada lagi cerita dari Beast. Mereka disebut sebagai Recycle Group. Hal ini tentu bukan hal yang asing lagi bagi masyarakat dan fans. Doojoon adalah calon anggota dari 2AM, yang tereliminasi di acara pemilihan anggota 2AM dan 2PM (Hot Blood). Junhyung yang mantan anggota boyband Xing. Gikwang yang adalah projek solo gagal AJ (Ace Junior). Dan Hyunseung yang gagal menjadi anggota BIGBANG, tereliminasi saat melawan Seungri. Acara ini juga disiarkan di sebuah stasiun TV. Dongwoon juga mantan dari trainee JYP, meskipun pernah pasrah dari mimpinya, tapi ia berhasil kembali atas dorongan Direktur Hong. Dulunya, Yoseob, Junhyung, dan Doojoon, Hyunseung juga pernah menjadi back dancer AJ. Hal ini membuat mereka sangat-sangat tertekan. Tapi karena ini juga mereka punya kekuatan lebih lagi dan menjadi boyband Beast yang terkenal di dunia. Mereka mendapatkan tujuh buah awards di stasiun TV saat mempromosikan lagu "Fiction", yang membuat mereka semakin terkenal. Sekarang, mereka sudah menyelesaikan World Tour mereka, 'Beautiful Show'.

Lain lagi dengan G.NA. Pada tahun 2007, ia adalah pemimpin dari girlband Five Girls dengan empat orang lainnya, Yubin dari Wonder Girls, Hyosung dari Secret, Uee dari After School, Jiwon dari Spica. Five Girls gagal debut karena ekonomi entertainment yang tidak meyakinkan untuk debut. Mereka pun berpisah dan G.NA masuk sebagai salah seorang trainee di JYP. Tapi pada saat ia akan debut di Amerika, ia mengidap penyakit pada pita suaranya yang memaksanya untuk gagal debut. Direktur Hong pun memanggilnya kembali untuk menjadi trainee Cube, dengan berbagai bujukan G.NA pun mau kembali. Meskipun ia sulit beradaptasi dengan budaya Korea, buktinya sekarang ia telah mendapatkan banyak awards dan terkenal sebagai penyanyi solo yang dashyat. Ia bahkan berkesempatan untuk berduet bersama Rain.

Dibalik kesuksesan mereka, berdirilah Direktur Hong. Direktur Hong sudah seperti Ayah kedua mereka semua. Selalu mendengarkan keluh kesah dan juga pendapat anak-anak. Ini atmosfer yang jarang kita temukan di sebuah entertainment. Beliau selalu berpegang kepada hubungan bisnis yang berdasarkan kepercayaan. Direktur Hong juga sering membuat sensasi. Seperti projek solo HyunA, yang sukses dengan lagu "Change" dan Trouble Maker (duo HyunA dan Hyunseung) yang sangat provokatif tapi juga sukses mendapatkan triple crown.

Dengan membaca interview dari para anggota 4Minute, Beast, dan G.NA, kita juga bisa terinspirasi. Apalagi dengan cerita perjuangan Direktur Hong. Beliau telah berhasil menginspirasi saya dengan bukunya. Beliau mendorong kita untuk meraih kesempatan yang datang dan untuk memiliki kemampuan dan semangat. Dengan sebuah komitmen, kita bisa mewujudkan target kita.

Dari buku ini, Direktur Hong juga mengajak kita untuk bergabung bersama Cube Entertainment. Ia juga menekankan, yang paling penting adalah semangat dalam audisi. Harus selalu positif dan yakin. Meskipun kehidupan trainee tidak ada yang pasti, kita harus selalu optimis dan rajin berlatih. Maka, tak ada yang tak mungkin. Beliau juga mengajak kita untuk yakin dengan mimpi kita. Bukan "Mampu kah aku mencapainya?" tapi "Aku mampu mencapainya."

Menurut saya, Direktur Hong punya pandangan tentang apa mimpi itu dan punya rasa tanggung jawab dalam mencapai mimpi yang ada. Sayangnya, tidak semua diceritakan di dalam buku ini. Seperti bagaimana proses susahnya para trainee untuk menjadi artis, bagaimana Direktur Hong mau membantu mereka menggapai mimpi mereka yang ada, background masalah para entertainer dan bagaimana mereka mau bangkit, dan apa yang memotivasi mereka. Saya pikir semua itu juga perlu diceritakan agar orang yang mempunyai mimpi yang sama dapat termotivasi ataupun think twice memilih mimpi yang ada pada mereka, dengan artinya menguatkan mental mereka dalam menggapai mimpi. Secara keseluruhan, buku ini dapat memotivasi para penggapai mimpi.

"Apakah hanya untuk menjadi seorang pemenang, mulai hari ini mereka harus latihan hingga subuh dan terangnya hari?
Bukan hanya semata-mata untuk menjadi pemenang, tetapi untuk menaruh lebih banyak harapan dan lebih bersinar. Permata-permata itu menjadi lebih bersinar dan lebih kuat lagi setiap harinya."


One word

Annoyed. I love the fact that BtoB (read: B to B) is on the way to come here, Indonesia. But hate the fact that the ticket is special only for Indovision subscribers, FREE (they had to enter a contest first).. but still that's not fair. The non-subscribers don't get anything, I mean..you could sell it to us....
Well, 140 people already win. Now I can't do anything.. Maybe I can stalk them tonight ㅋㅋㅋ 비투비,  날 기다려~~
Here's the greeting from BtoB (it's Peniel speaking).

They come here to hold a showcase and promote their asia edition album. Title track for the asia ed: Irresistible Lips. Cool song, love the MV. The boy here name MinHyuk, one of the member! :3

And the other song, it's the song that I love the most. Want to see them sing this live. Freaking want. *sobs*

Maybe I can introduce you all of the members....next time. Btw, BtoB is the acronym for Born to Beat.
and I want to tell you about a boyband called MYNAME, but since there has already two vids, I keep them for the next post. (or should I introduce you to Dalmatian? hmm..)

Thanks! ㅎㅅ ㅎ



I had my birthday yesterday. And failed to get a new camera.
In the middle of preparing to go to my friend's house ystrday morning, my grandma came unexpectedly. And asked me to go to Lippo and buy me for a camera.. But then, I've already had plans and things. And she kept forcing me to go. I never like to be forced. She even said "I won't give you a camera next time, if it's not now"
Duh. I prefer to be with my friends. They've prepared so much and even bought a cake for me... I still can buy my camera next time. Well now, I want a new cellphone. I'm using a nokia, an old one. No camera. No mp3 player. Imagine. and need more money for Bigbang's concert on Oct. :<

and, yes. Now I'm officialy 15. Yahuuuu.
em.. the photos....coming soon. 
sorry for the english :)


I'm chasing

I cameback to stardoll. There's the ad on keepvid, & i click it and make a new account. There's wondergirls and 2ne1, wow. I want all the clothes. Especially on Decades. (now it's more and more expensive. but we'll get 500 starpoints as a gift from stardoll)
Plus Infinite's made their comeback in fifteen. Kinda late for me to write this.. I know. But the song keeps playing in my head. So sick of these songs. Their title song 'The Chaser' gets me fangirling night and day. The song tells that there is a boy who keeps chasing his ex-girlfriend even though its tiring and hurts. Not a mellow song, it's upbeat. It's like the sequel of 'Be Mine' but has a different feel. All the songs from the new album 'INFINITIZE' are addicting. Freaking awesum. You should listen to the chaser and feels so bad! Or in the summer (sounds like Jason Mraz's I'm Yours) and only tears (ballad). 

Mmm.. the prolouge in the mv kinda weird. The car crash...i just don't get it.
By the way, mereka unyu-unyu kan :3 and sorry for my english. Salam. 


Une Annee

A-pink new album! Kinda disappointed with their title song "Hush". The rhythm sounds like T-ara's Roly Poly. But totally a different song. What I've predicted is true. It's not an innocent concept. More like sexy concept, but they aren't trying to be sexy, they are trying to be cute. (A-pink's cute & innocent concept already stuck in my head). Btw, I don't really like Hush. But after I listened about 3 or 4 times... like it. Hehehe.
Earlier today, they performed Bubibu plus (of course) Hush. From the first time I listened to Bubibu, I already know, this is the perfect song for the comeback. And you know, the first image teaser feels so innocent and white, different from Hush feeling. A-Cube... why....
Favorite song:

(cr: platypi)

Plus I'm currently in love with TaeTiSeo >> SNSD's sub-unit. Weird name, huh?
I love "Love Sick", "Library", plus "Baby Steps"! Do you know Varsity's "Baby Steps"? They re-make it into korean. Awesum. Y'all must listen :)




It's May already. I haven't done anything good... Like everyday I take my time to online, watching new k-dramas, dancing crazily, reading new novels (which I'm afraid if I finish it, I won't have a new one to read). Lacking in money.
Two days ago, me with my besties went to a noraebang--what's the english of karaoke?--and after that went to a mall. Keep it short, I sang so many korean songs. Too happy to hide it. It's like when our radio play our favorite song. Crazy. And went to the Scoop, there's so many amazing items!! Like plaid/polka/flowery fabric tape or sticker, cute bookmarks, adorable notes, even a plaid cute comb. *-* I want to buy it all. Let's just say gue kalap. I just buy the plaid fabric tape that still clean inside the box. 
So happy, I finally found a store like that. Bcos I keep admiring stuffs in mykimchi4u.com, a korean online shop. YAAAY.

I have to tell you that IU has already released her new song. It's the 3rd song that written by her. So soothing! It has the same vibe with Hold My Hand (the 1st song) but Peach is more acoustic. Along with the guitar, the recorder and the triangle sound, it's really perfect for IU's kind of voice.
Platypiz haven't made the video, so I give you this.. 

(cr. EternalMusicLover)
At first I don't really like it, but I can't help to falling in love.

Plus I'm really excited for A-pink (5th 9th May) their first full album and Infinite (15th May)! You should check their teaser & IU's teaser too. About a-pink comeback I think it's not gonna be an innocent concept. I'm just guessing. Bcos he title song "Hush" makes me remember about their performance in Cube Party.
About IU's teaser, it's really cute, so short teaser but full of charms.
Infinite..no comment. Flawless like always. :3



Hey guise. National exams have already ended. Like YAAAAAAY. I need to start listing all of my 'to-do's for the next two months. Well likely, I'll be sitting, computing, watching youtube...bcos i don't think this list's gonna work, but just let me start it.

1. Learn Korean! It's on my mind even before the exam started. Found a helpful website, that provides .pdf. Divided by 20/25 levels--last time I saw it.
2. Make Cakes or Cookies. I found Fudge Brownie recipe on youtube. All the comments below said like wow it's fantastic /baby/
3. More and more quality posts here. and by the way I wanna change my url...again. It doesn't really suit me (except the colorful banner, me gusta).
4. Improve my English. Some people think it's good enough, but there's too many 'fail' grammar, isn't it?
5. Dancing and singing. I know it sounds crazy.
6. Be myself. Hard to do.
7. Not forcing myself. Take a relax.
8. Find out WHAT is my real passion.
9. ........forgot. Teehee.

-----Personal post without any kpops included-----
:) :)


Recommended Songs;; last day of March

Hello no one. I see no one see my blog. *I keep complaining, but I'm the one who doesn't tell this website to anyone. Stop that, heart morons* I feel comfortable without no one watching, but upset in some kind of way.
Now..k-pop topic again, I think?
Too fast to talk about Korean Indie Bands? I have some new songs, like 2AM. And old songs from indie bands. Lemme talk about 2AM first. They have released their new album called F.Scott Fitzgerald's Way of Love (it's hard to rememberrrrrrr!)
One of my favorite songs:

Well actually, only this and 'I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me' that I know =B (credit to Platypizz2)
and I found out that SPICA's already released their album (it's a repackaged) with seven songs plus one instrumental. Haven't heard about it but since I've locked my eyes on them, i can recommend this to you.

And Korean Indie that i wanna to talk about is.... Urban Zakapa!! They are the best of the best. I found them while I was listening to 10cm - Americano (which was a long time ago. well this song is so catchy. you should listen to this too!)
First i don't really like them, but like a week ago I found 'My Love' and 'Cafe Latte' by Urban Zakapa. and those two are really soothing my mind.
Plus they r gonna release a new album, Beautiful Day. Should I buy it or not?

Enjoy....and please listen to those songs i recommended. You won't regret. ;)



Gue ga jadi nonton Beast. Kecewa atau nggak? Gue gatau.
Gue yang dari kemaren-kemaren wanti-wanti tiket biar sampe di tangan gue, sampe sekarang gue belom dapet. Rencananya mau beli on the spot, tapi akhirnya gue merenung dan merenung. Duit gue yang 800k itu gue simpen dulu deh. Gue gak berencana buat ngebeli apa-apa kok, tapi mungkin sayang kali ya, 500k buat nonton Beast. Plus bayarin kakakku tercinta itu..
Dan Beast-nya pun tampaknya gak terlalu bahagia ke sini. I don't know, kesian aja mereka yang hari ini (atau kemaren) baru nyampe ke sini, hari ini langsung ada hi-5 session, press conference, trus concert. Besoknya, katanya nih mereka udah pergi lagi ke Jepang. Sedih gak sih. 
Ya, meskipun gue gak nonton, mereka gak mungkin kan ngebatalin show gara-gara gue. Pasti tetep jalan terus kan. Sukses aja ya mas broh konsernya :) :) 
Dan entah kenapa gue ga merasa bener-bener kecewa (Sekarang sih belom, gatau deh kalo konsernya lagi jalan), mungkin karena duit gue ga jadi abis. 
Gue tunggu BIGBANG atau Infinite dateng ke sini kali ya. Karena gue ga yakin Beast dateng lagi ke sini (rumornya sih ada MuBank di Indo sekitar bulan Mei, tentunya ada Beast), tapi kalo bukan full concert kurang seru, ya... 
Goodbye abang Yoseob. See you next time, maybe in Korea. Cihuy



Having so much fun watching Big Bang concert. It's ALIVE tour you know and YG has their own channel for concerts in youtube. It's called YGconcert. Like...awesome. I found it on Sunday and I keep replaying it. Even now, I'm waiting for 'Fantastic Baby' until the buffer is done. Their new songs are addicting. Like Blue, Love Dust, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy and Ain't fun. You know what? Even the intro from their mini album, on charts.
I know BIGBANG for such a long time, but this time, i think i can be one of those VIP (name for the fans). Alive is sooo rockin. and i found out how to watch the video fullscreen and not disturb the other tabs, we can always see it, even if it's fullscreen. and it's easy. I'm feeling like i'm advertising.... 
So just change the url from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siVPAd0O5KQ&feature=youtu.be into this one http://www.youtube.com/v/siVPAd0O5KQ&feature=youtu.be
U see difference? the watch?v= erase the watch? and the =. Put an oblique mark after the v and you're done.
I'm watching it now. YAAAAAY
and about BEAST, I'm hoping. Still. 


로맨틱한 사랑♥

There are so many kpop songs as awesome as this. But I think you should check this song. The lyrics are so so romantic. I'd melt. is this the right english? don't know lah yau. And welcome back to kpop world..Dalmatian!! Haven't seen them for such a long time. Waiting for your comeback!



Mungkin, gue emang orang yang 'easily-influenced' mudah terpengaruh sama hal-hal yg kalo menurut gue bagus, gue jadi lengket deh sama hal itu.

Contoh gampangnya sih, soal musik. Gue sempet suka Westlife. Terkontaminasi karena dari kecil dicekokin lagunya. Dan pas Click 5 konser di sini, gue suka banget sampe semua lagu gue ada. Gue jadi demen karena temen gue kali ya. Trus tiba-tiba gue jadi suka Forever The Sickest Kids (yang satu ini pengecualian) yang nge-'pop-rock' tapi gue emang suka banget sih, karena mereka band indie dan punya style mereka sendiri. Bikin gue jingkrak-jingkrakan pokoknya. Sekarang, mereka ngeluarin album baru....yah udah lama juga sih, yang gue ga terlalu suka. Meski tetep rockin' tapi berasa aneh aja.

Dan sekarang gue lagi suka k-pop yang ga akan gue tau akan bertahan sampai kapan. Mungkin, lo ngeliat gue sebagai orang yang k-pop addict banget kaya pemakai narkoba. Setiap hari gue dengerin lagu k-pop mulu (dengan perpaduan sedikit barat lah, tapi juga cuma secuil). Kalo ga salah sih Januari tahun lalu, gue ter-influenced sama k-pop dari temennya temen gue. Dia nge-tweet gitu, dan pas gue liat M/V yang pertama, yaitu Soom-nya Beast, gue pikir nih video gaje banget dengan lagu yang enak. Sampai gue liat M/V yang Beautiful yang bikin gue jatuh hati (cieilah), mungkin karena mukanya kali ya.............. :) :) oke sampe di sini dulu cerita k-popnya. Gue tau sebagian dari readers kalo ada, ga bakal demen gue ngejelasin beginian.

Gue....lanjut deh. Gue dengerin semua lagu yang baru-baru yang ada, dan hampir semuanya gue anggep enak. Karena lama-kelamaan tuh lagu jadi ketanem dalem otak gue. Sampe sekarang gue niat belajar bahasa korea, demen dramanya (ini salah satu faktor gue demen k-pop), mau ke negaranya.
Dan yang terbaru sih SPICA. Mereka beda gitu. Ya tetep mukanya cantik, tapi ga secantik kaya IU dan semacemnya. Mereka natural gitu dan ga maksa konsepnya. Kalo lo udah pernah liat grup-grup lain, oh kaya misalnya Dal Shabet, gue merasa ada yang aneh. Gue tau mereka mencoba sesuatu yang beda, tapi kayak maksa gitu tau gak (gue cuma mengemukakan pendapat). SPICA juga suaranya bagus banget gile, dan lagunya enak banget (oke, mulai lagi addictnya). Coba lo pada dengerin Potently sama Russian Roulette.

..............Lama-kelamaan gue bikin review lagu sama buku juga nih........ ciao. Terlalu banyak beban bagi anak kelas sembilan. Peace out.



Welcome. Hello, this is kind of odd. u know like, I havent updated my blog for a long time.
now it's not, hello-i-just-come-to-say-hi. But there's a lot of things coming in and out of my mind.
So, first this is my new blog. The old one seems to alay, but i decide not to delete it bcos it's written with a lots of moments there, maybe i need to remember it sometimes.. i want to start a new life blog.
I still don't know what is the main purpose of this blog

and I wanna tell you that BEAST is finally gonna come here.
I am a hardcore B2UTY and it's a waste if I don't watch them live, like........... I REALLY WANT TO WATCH THEM.
But what? it's on 17th of March, it's after my practical test. I could meet them, I could buy the tickets already bcos I WANT TO. But do you know my mother? If I tell her now, I won't get the chance. I won't. She won't understand. Plus I have national exam coming up--though it's in April--and lots of modules. I know i have been doing a very good child in school, but yes, not on my manner.

I don't know, hey, I don't know.

and sorry for my bad english, i just wanna express my things.