SMtown Jakarta

SMTown in Jakarta!!
I'm not an avid fan of them, but seeing them on the tv makes me melt. Need to write this fast before i lost the euphoria.
Yes, i've just watched the press conference, and it's too short. Some says that Leeteuk even brought a paper with him, but he can't read them because of the time.
Only Leeteuk said Selamat Sore (which means good afternoon) and some says Selamat Malam (good night), the MC even made a joke about it. Haha, Leeteuk, you can teach them..

And saw EXO in the screen is just--I'm speechless. They are soooo flawless. I really want to watch them. Well, just let me see them in the real life, so i can prove that they are exist. :"3

When will i have the chance to see them again.
*sobbing so hard*

And found the video already..

Credit to Excentrique0611


What's so random

I think too much these days.. well, i always think too much, but this is about my future. 
I come frustrated if someone ask what i wanna be. Architect? what came up in my mind is all about arts or music. But i don't know anything about them.... 

Now, it's holiday, i finally have a break from high school. I still can't adapt so well. Have too many tests in last two weeks. I wish i can be a eleventh grade student asap, and only learn science or social studies.

What am I gonna do...Should i extract all of the .rar folders (i have a lot, huge). 1 folder can consist 30 or 100 pictures haha. Thanks to korean masters. 
Lemme just share what pictures i got from this August till today...

p.s: seeing eunji here makes me remember about her and seo in guk in Reply 1997. YOU GUYS MUST WATCH IT. 



I'm so in love with songs with guitar accompaniment these days.
And ah.. hello. I finally have some time to write. I'm currently watching bunch of videos that stuck in my twitter's favorite and bookmarks. And now I'm watching Reply 1997 (with A-pink's Eunji << my bias >>, Infinite's Hoya, and Seo In Guk).

Back to song with guitar accompaniment.
G-Dragon's "That XX" released yesterday. And actually I've been avoiding BigBang's songs...but this song is just too perfect. Others say the *beep* sounds sound so disturbing, but I think it's okay. It's just the rap parts that don't match, or is it just me..? But still, GD sings and raps perfectly.
The lyrics are great. But it doesn't match with the video, I think.

Other songs with guitar... some old songs like..
IU's "Teacher" and Urban Zakapa's "Cafe Latte" and one more, it's Geeks' "Officially Missing You (Re-make)". Favoriteee!

......And I keep replaying Block B's songs. All of their songs. I can be a BBC if I want to.. :)