BEAST 'Good Luck'!

As I promised, a post of BEAST who has come with a new album "Good Luck".

They come out with two version of album this time, black and white. Each with different photo concept, white is pure, black is dark. With a random lip card. Here's what it looks like (not mine, credit to sgkpoppers.wordpress):

::  About Good Luck  ::  the title song itself

I already explained some about their 'changes' in the other post (new logo and a pre-released M/V for the album "Good Luck") check it out if you haven't.

Yong Junhyung once again, is the producer of this song. If you haven't known him, he is the rapper of BEAST and has made so many good song, also was the producer of BEAST mini album, "How To Love, Hard To Love." He pulled out the trigger once again and I am in love. Even it is just a mini album consists of seven songs, he proves all of the skills he has. (and I realize I'm pulled to his charms, a bias list wrecker, he is)

Good Luck is a dance song with a broken-hearted man lyrics in it, as they are known for singing sad song as their title song (except "It's a Beautiful Night"). The song "Good Luck" brings me back to the "Shock" era where the songs sounds electronic, but this one is diverse with a kind of American feel yet still electronic in it. Can't explain it in more scientific way, but it's a totally new kind of song for BEAST.

What I am amazed is that this 'new kind of song' is made by Junhyung. He worked with the last album which title song is "Shadow" and rather than the American feel that I told you, it has more a vintage feeling in it, not modern like "Good Luck". It is a change, but it is good.

I am not going to lie, I have not yet tired to hear "Good Luck" in my ears. I just... haven't. If I compare to the other boy groups I like (not naming anyone, I think you could guess), I love this song better. Absolutely.

The music video takes a concept of a popular Chinese move, "2046", but since I don't watch it nor understands it, I think I should pass the M/V review. Though I really love how the camera works so well making the set looks modern. Or the set IS modern.

::  Other Songs  ::  I'm taking you to my "Good Luck" mini album trip.

So, the one that makes a big progress this time isn't only Junhyung, but also the member Gikwang. He made one of the songs called "History" (you must be thinking of Exo's "History", but the song is a lot different than that). This "History" contains the sexy voices of the members and I have to mention the lyrics. This is the chorus.
"Tonight is our history / I’ll slowly come closer, so baby take it slow / Dim the lights and raise the volume / Our secret time baby just relax your mind"
Addition. I die at Junhyung's rap everytime I hear the song.

Another song, "Tonight, I'll Be By Your Side (이 밤 너의 곁으로)" sounds easy listening, very opposite from the other songs in the mini album. It shows the beat of 90's songs.

"We Up", for me the only song that shows the party. No sadness in it, just the signs to people to enjoy the night. They used this song to accompany the title song, maybe to make the comeback stage livelier. They also brings back dancers to the stage, couple dancing with the female dancers.
Truthfully, I didn't really like it at first and I was hoping "Dance With You" to come on stage.

::  Favorites  ::

"I wanna dance with you."
It's a sad song, about wanting your ex to dance with you together, like back in the days. But it has the beat and energetic feels into it. Really not a glommy song and it is liven up my mood.
(+) Favorite, "Sad Movie"
It is a remake of the Japanese version and I love this 91274914 better. It's just that Korean seems familiar to me than the Japanese. (feel me). Sad Movie = Sad song, of course. I love the piano entrance and then Yoseob's voice starts to filling me. It's a great song.

Last but not least...
You probably have already listened to "Not Anymore (이젠 아니야)" in the last post. If you haven't, click here, and see my thoughts about it.

p.s I know you heard a lot of Junhyung in this post, but Yoseob is still my number one bias (okay, that sounds cheeky and weird) and just wanna to tell that they won all of the music shows in 4th week of June and to surprise you guys, they got 10,000 points on Music Core and 11,000 points on Inkigayo which are PERFECT SCORE.
Congratulation to BEAST and what a hard work B2UTY.


Asian Dream Cup 2014 ft. Running Man bundle up!

Hear all the euphoria, guys? I recklessly with my sister and two friends skipped school to watch Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Gelora Bung Karno.

Being a lucky girl in the month--or I consider myself as one--I won two tickets from Gandaria City thanks to my desperate want to watch ADC. I was going to skip school even if I didn't get the tickets, btw. Stubborn, yes.

At least my dreams fulfilled even though I saw them from far away, excluding Lee Kwangsoo. He came, running, going around the field. Shouting, "1, 2, 3" with his hands and asking us to scream out loud. I love him more and more with his dumb but caring character.
I bet he was loving all of the chants, which were not only for him, but also to the others six members of Running Man, plus we didn't forget to chant "Park Jisung!". It's insane.
Everytime a Running Man member played, the stadium filled with the chants.

And what awesome is, the whole stadium did a huge wave.
I really really enjoy it despite my low knowledge on football.


The Running Man members tweets their enjoyment in the country.
1. "Good Morning Indonesia"
2. "See you soon" (I really hope to see you guys soon)

3. Instagram updates! (kjk76 and gaegun)

Another instagram post from Kim Jongkook who posed with a baby tiger in Taman Safari. I bet he captured this picture from Running Man broadcast. Father and his child!

They went to Taman Safari for the Dream Camp, the Running Man filming (200th EPISODE GUYS). Some of the fans, who willingly spent their time to stalk, got a FREAKING CLOSE selca. I. ENVY. YOU. (I don't put their photos because it is simply their privacy)

This episode have aired: Here's to watch RUNNING MAN EPISODE 200 ENGLISH SUB. (power of kshownow ftw)

P.s: the header photo is mine and I capture all of the sns post. Thank you!


BEAST new logo + new song "No More (이젠 아니야)"

I miss writing. I really have a lot of topics but I just can't arrange it to be 'readable' for you guys.
But, hey! I have one now. 

Guess who has a new song, new logo, and a new album coming up. 
BEAST. 비스트. The no longer B2ST. 

:: NEW LOGO ::

Cube is being a hardworking company nowadays with a new logo concept of BEAST that isn't oldskool and have a simple meanings. Do you know their history? Let me tell you. 
1. They appeared as a group called BEAST, with an infamous logo B2ST with 2 represents the E and A. But actually, it has meaning as the Boys of The East Standing Tall (????) (Question marks everywhere)
2. Even though before debut the comapny, Cube, changed its name to BEAST, the logo remains as B2ST. 

But now look at the modernized or.. simplified logo. It is made from their hangul name 비스트.. 
Erm do you understand? The 비 becomes only ㅂ with a sharp bottom like a capsized triangle in the logo, the 스 makes a triangle, and the 트 make a Σ symbol. 

:: NEW SONG ::

They are back with another love sickness themed song, they are really popular with a broken heart song, eh? Now, it's Not Anymore (이젠 아니야). A song about a couple who has broken up for months, but one of them is sucked at moving on.

"Why did you come to me again when I've already cooled down? I have no more warmth to share with you anymore."   "I'm not someone you can lean on anymore."

The wonderfulness you need to know:
The concept of the M/V. Cube is using Instagram Beastagram and let us see their love story through it. The actress is Lee Yubi if you haven't noticed and Junhyung played again as the main character. I think he still has all of the feels and make it as his song inspiration. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I just really like this concept, it's stick to the story of the song but expressing it with the modern technology. Applause to whoever the music video director is.


Release soon on June the 16! (June is really my month /happy/) Of course with Junhyung as the producer.
Title Song is GOOD LUCK.
Will write a new post about it, do not worry!

P.s: I'm really sorry to Infinite for not writing about you guys! "Last Romeo" is actually really awesome too. They have risen from the song (Man In Love, Destiny) that I don't like. "Last Romeo" uses diverse instruments and you can hear all of it in your ears. Infinite is finally back to the "The Chaser" era that I love.
My favorite song from their album is "Shower (소나기)". It is definitely worth listening.