Orange Caramel - Catallena (까탈레나)

An unique comeback from the unique sub-unit group 'Orange Caramel'!
I really love the concept and the song is very addicting so I decide to make a post. 

Most of you maybe don't like 'Orange Caramel' very much. They are just like 'Crayon Pop' with those quirky and weird kind of concept, which doesn't get me at first. 
Orange Caramel songs like Bangkok City or Magic Girl are actually a good song too. I don't pay attention to their music video-which is actually funny-only the songs are catchy for my ears. 
This time, there is the music video on my youtube dashboard.. and the teasers are making me curious. Because they are already giving us a 'sushi' concept. They are dancing on a sushi plate alongside with some wasabi. And also, there is a scene where they are in a styrofoam box, the one that you often see in supermarkets (I'm not good at explaining). Here's a picture.

Some of you may not like the songs, but before I come further with my explanation, here's the music video! Don't forget to turn on the CC for english lyrics! 

The music video itself is telling us what Catallena means and the adaptation into the sushi concept. 
Lizzy said "Since 'Catallena' is a relatively new slang word, we didn't know what it was at first. It refers to someone that is childish and picky but strangely attractive. The lyrics also carry the meaning of the word".
There is maybe one of your friends that is perfectly fit for what Catallena means. (Look around, there will be one). A person that is really annoying, but you can't help it that you want to be like him/her. That he/she is so attractive yet charming.
In the video, you can see the orange caramel members and in addition the catallena which is an octopus. The octopus has a higher class than the OC's members (which is a mackerel, salmon, and shrimp). Orange Caramel wants to be like the octopus, which has a higher price and is loved by everyone.
But we also see that the octopus is so arrogant and showing off his 'expensiveness'.

In the end, there are costumers who come to the sushi house and eats everything except the mackerel, salmon, and shrimp. So the real human Orange Caramel come and eats themselves.
They are crying in happiness because of the dish. I think it tells us to realize that even though we can't be the 'octopus', we have to be grateful to have our own charms and be happy with it!

My analysis is somehow correct, isn't it?


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