Too many concerts in March. *table flip*
I am not ready with all of this. Since the Chinese new year 'gifts' is not really satisfying and I only afford to buy one ticket. 
But there's freaking three (yes, three; or four if you count the non-singer who'll come, Lee Min Ho; but I don't care). THREE. So, K-pop is finally growing here right? But can you make a great schedule, like, I can't spend 2 million in just one month.

There's Music Bank in Jakarta, there's B1A4 showcase, and now it's Lunafly. 
Music Bank is a bigger event compared to the others since it's a tv program, and gonna take place in Gelora Bung Karno. I can't imagine watching Beast&Infinite with a telescope, far away from the stage. But I want to join the euphoria with my colleagues.. Hmm... let me throw away this one. 

B1A4.. I like them, I love their songs. But it's not like I'm their fan. I don't know what to do. It will be disappointing if I don't watch them.... Their songs is freaking good and the looks.... 

Lunafly.. I love them, also their songs. In addition, there's Sam Carter, the foreigner with great british accent. And Yun... And awesome songs! I had recommend one of their songs, right? Um.. I make a post about them here. I love them, but I'm not really a fan. I've done some projects too for Sam's and Yun's birthday. But I can't really express that I am their fan. 
But, their showcase/fan meet ticket is limited. Only for 250 tickets. And can you imagine, seeing them live, face to face. Even the VIP pass gets a chance to take a photo plus autograph..... 
I wanna buy this, but I don't have chingus to go with. (still looking for someone)

It's like there's only one chance for three concert in one month. And I only have around 600k. 
I don't care about parents' permission... Just buy the ticket first. 
But I can't choose properly. 

It's so hilarious to see myself being so pathetic about concerts............ 

Plus have just watched Running Man episode 132. WOW. It's definitely Kwangsoo's year. The tall giraffe is back in action. Like, really, who thought he'd be so smart to handle Jongkook?!! It's like he's been planning it for years. Too those, who haven't watch it..... You'll be surprised. 
And I saw Running Man next episode preview. REALLY SONG JIHYO YOU'RE SO BRAVE. I thought I'm brave enough, but still you're a lot better.

I'm speechless. Thumbs up. 


Messy post

The sudden flu last Friday...and still going on until today. But thanks God a lot more better.
And the tasks, presentations, daily tests, and need to mention a not-so-important Valentine competition about making chocolate and stuffs. 
....Got me going crazy. 

It's a day after Chinese New Year. It's actually a good day if count the money that comes in to my wallet. But my body and mental not feeling really well. Plus the weather is not really helping too. The extremely hot weather, but the you will get a heavy rain after that... you know, it affects my body performance. 

Like the internet, twitter, tumblr, youtube... helping me to reduce the stress? It's not. I'm still care about those crazy stuffs in school. I know I shouldn't be thinking any of it to make me kinda relax, but I can't. 

Sometimes, I just need to sing crazily in my room, listening to rock songs, forgets about k-pop for a while (fangirling makes me stress too, kind of) and...... scream. Or eat lotsa food! Delicious food (I've got so much in mind)

The good news is I have money. To buy ticket. Concert. B1A4 or Music Bank in Jakarta. Choosing one of them is sooo hard for me.
But I think I'm gonna watch B1A4 since if I watch Music Bank, I can only afford to buy the furthest seat for the concert, but abandon this one and only chance is not any better. Like, my BEASTFINITE is finally going into the town. My feelings......... 

But I somehow sure that Infinite is going to hold a concert in here, SOLO. It's just my prediction.... but I hope so. 

And because of this stress mind, I opened US Embassy in Indonesia website and saw a student exchange or something like that. I really want to get out and try new things. CAN I. 

Feeling so much better after I wrote this... :)

I think I need to recommend you something. Was about to put Boys Like Girls or We The Kings songs here, but I found this... Please welcome Clara C! 

For me, it's better than the original. Sounds elegant..... I always love her voice :")