Hello back again. I am actually on my long long loooong holiday after I finished my national exam in mid of April. And been searching and thinking of what topics I should talk about.

Then I came out, after I have just watched a movie called "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".

It is not a new movie, and not the movie that people really talk and excited about (at least around me). It came out on late 2013, and I actually really want to watch it when I first looked at the poster, in the theatre, seriously. But, no, I haven't watched the trailer until this holiday and thought, wow, this is absolutely my kind of movie, I definitely have to watch it.

And I am really amazed.

I write the title 'Inspired' for a reason. Do you know that sometimes, after you watch a movie or read a good book, something just bugging you to do what you just watch or imagine? Something is asking you to get up from your seat and do things? Things that you are dreaming for like years or maybe not a minute ago? I have a lot of them, especially movies like that.

One time it's Bandslam, a movie about a guy who is really into music and ends up unexpectedly managing this one awesome band, and then you just really want to make music. Sing, write a song, and inspire people. (it is still my favorite movie, I remember the lines... and yet the movie is so underrated)
One time it's Wild Child, a movie of an American girl who ends up studying in a English old school and it's like her world turned upside down. But then she learns about life and things about what should a girl really do in his teenage life, not wasting it.
Last time it's Begin Again, probably a popular movie which also talks about music. That they are travelling to make their own album, even without a studio to record. Like can you imagine they are recording it live in the road, train station.. which makes me think that I can make music everywhere I like.

This time, it's Walter Mitty. The movie is a simple example of the motto that is infamous, I think. To go away from your comfort zone. Dream away. And go for it.
I am not gonna think about posting a review about it. I am just going to tell you that I enjoy this movie a lot. I love the character of Walter Mitty. I love it maybe because of the background of the movie, where also talks about photography.

I know those are just movies, dramas, that not really happens in life. But I'm inspired and I love them.

You should probably watch the trailer of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", in case you are curious about it.