Recommended Songs;; last day of March

Hello no one. I see no one see my blog. *I keep complaining, but I'm the one who doesn't tell this website to anyone. Stop that, heart morons* I feel comfortable without no one watching, but upset in some kind of way.
Now..k-pop topic again, I think?
Too fast to talk about Korean Indie Bands? I have some new songs, like 2AM. And old songs from indie bands. Lemme talk about 2AM first. They have released their new album called F.Scott Fitzgerald's Way of Love (it's hard to rememberrrrrrr!)
One of my favorite songs:

Well actually, only this and 'I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me' that I know =B (credit to Platypizz2)
and I found out that SPICA's already released their album (it's a repackaged) with seven songs plus one instrumental. Haven't heard about it but since I've locked my eyes on them, i can recommend this to you.

And Korean Indie that i wanna to talk about is.... Urban Zakapa!! They are the best of the best. I found them while I was listening to 10cm - Americano (which was a long time ago. well this song is so catchy. you should listen to this too!)
First i don't really like them, but like a week ago I found 'My Love' and 'Cafe Latte' by Urban Zakapa. and those two are really soothing my mind.
Plus they r gonna release a new album, Beautiful Day. Should I buy it or not?

Enjoy....and please listen to those songs i recommended. You won't regret. ;)



Gue ga jadi nonton Beast. Kecewa atau nggak? Gue gatau.
Gue yang dari kemaren-kemaren wanti-wanti tiket biar sampe di tangan gue, sampe sekarang gue belom dapet. Rencananya mau beli on the spot, tapi akhirnya gue merenung dan merenung. Duit gue yang 800k itu gue simpen dulu deh. Gue gak berencana buat ngebeli apa-apa kok, tapi mungkin sayang kali ya, 500k buat nonton Beast. Plus bayarin kakakku tercinta itu..
Dan Beast-nya pun tampaknya gak terlalu bahagia ke sini. I don't know, kesian aja mereka yang hari ini (atau kemaren) baru nyampe ke sini, hari ini langsung ada hi-5 session, press conference, trus concert. Besoknya, katanya nih mereka udah pergi lagi ke Jepang. Sedih gak sih. 
Ya, meskipun gue gak nonton, mereka gak mungkin kan ngebatalin show gara-gara gue. Pasti tetep jalan terus kan. Sukses aja ya mas broh konsernya :) :) 
Dan entah kenapa gue ga merasa bener-bener kecewa (Sekarang sih belom, gatau deh kalo konsernya lagi jalan), mungkin karena duit gue ga jadi abis. 
Gue tunggu BIGBANG atau Infinite dateng ke sini kali ya. Karena gue ga yakin Beast dateng lagi ke sini (rumornya sih ada MuBank di Indo sekitar bulan Mei, tentunya ada Beast), tapi kalo bukan full concert kurang seru, ya... 
Goodbye abang Yoseob. See you next time, maybe in Korea. Cihuy



Having so much fun watching Big Bang concert. It's ALIVE tour you know and YG has their own channel for concerts in youtube. It's called YGconcert. Like...awesome. I found it on Sunday and I keep replaying it. Even now, I'm waiting for 'Fantastic Baby' until the buffer is done. Their new songs are addicting. Like Blue, Love Dust, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy and Ain't fun. You know what? Even the intro from their mini album, on charts.
I know BIGBANG for such a long time, but this time, i think i can be one of those VIP (name for the fans). Alive is sooo rockin. and i found out how to watch the video fullscreen and not disturb the other tabs, we can always see it, even if it's fullscreen. and it's easy. I'm feeling like i'm advertising.... 
So just change the url from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siVPAd0O5KQ&feature=youtu.be into this one http://www.youtube.com/v/siVPAd0O5KQ&feature=youtu.be
U see difference? the watch?v= erase the watch? and the =. Put an oblique mark after the v and you're done.
I'm watching it now. YAAAAAY
and about BEAST, I'm hoping. Still. 


로맨틱한 사랑♥

There are so many kpop songs as awesome as this. But I think you should check this song. The lyrics are so so romantic. I'd melt. is this the right english? don't know lah yau. And welcome back to kpop world..Dalmatian!! Haven't seen them for such a long time. Waiting for your comeback!