Sort of a new life (1)

Hello I'm back, not with K-pop, sorry. I know K-pop stuffs will make my views rocket high up, but I'm not in the mood to do that.... (maybe I'll do one Beast or Infinite because it is nearing their comeback, we'll see)

If you noticed, or maybe not, I have finished my national exam and passed it with a good score, and now I am preparing for my university lyfe. Sad story short, I attended the SBMPTN, the entrance test for national university. I applied for Architecture and Fine Arts but unfortunately didn't get in. Sooo now here I am preparing for my orientation in UMN; Visual Communication Design.

Actually I am just a bit disappointed, because I know I don't work 'that' hard for this and I was hanging on a fake hope of mine that I could get in. I know, people around me keep saying that you need faith to do it! You have a great brain, so you will get in, right? You just have to believe. That was they said. But I was sure enough that faith with a little bit of work won't work. I was so eager to get into ITB Fine Arts, but my passion to learn social studies (because I learned science in high school) and draw were gone pretty fast. I just worked on what I knew on the test, and do my best on the practical exam.

I am praying that whatever that God choose for me is the best, so I leave it in Him.

Now, I just have to cover my ears and don't care about people thoughts on me.
I guess my choice is a good one.
At least I do what I like to do.
Look at the bright sideeeeeeeeeeeeee