31st of December

I just feel that I need to write a last post for 2012. It's not written in any rules in blogger (yeah right), I just think it's......necessary. It still necessary when I actually don't have anything to write.

Hm.... K-Pop, it is.

Let me just re-cap this last week of December. It's full of festivals from korean tv channels. Which contents are almost the same. Except, SBS, which pulled out a project 'The Color of K-Pop' and more artists than the other channels, plus point, I love the stage setting. Wonderful!
In 'The Color of K-pop' you can see your favorite members of any girl/boy bands unite together to make a new performances. It's actually rare to see them collaborating in their very own song and dance. The color consists White, Red, Blue, and Black.
Their song is addicting. Well, the White one, Mystic White, attracts me the most. Because of their guitar intro, I *really* like it. I thought it's gonna be too cute, but then, I took too fast conclusion. It's catchy and my favorite. But it's still too cute.....
(Listen to the song... it'll grow on you!) ((The stage is gorgeous, right..)) (((Watch in on HD!)))

Red goes sexy, which I don't really like, they are on the 4th rank for me. But their name goes well with them, Dazzling Red.
Blue and Black are still competing in my heart.........
& Infinite's stage is also cool. Like VERY.

In this NYE, I'm just sitting all day in my house, have nothing to do... Wanna go to the mall, but I've been doing that for days. I haven't got a real holiday. Someone take me out of this city! School's gonna be on 10th of January, I wish I still have time to hang around a little longer.....

About my new year resolutions.... I keep those for myself, can I?
And happy new year for all of you! This is special made by me since I don't have anything to do :(
Have a great year ahead. Clara loves all of you!
Goodbye 2012.

p.s.: need to face the early 2013 tomorrow with meeting my father's family (in my house). I'm not really friendly to them. It's gonna be a long loooooong day.



Okay. Posting something personal here. Since I thought this blog needs it..... when the half part of me wants to write K-pop. Again. Hmm.
I've moved house about less than two weeks ago. Maybe. I forgot.
The house is bigger. But it's far. Far from school + my... culinary friends.

I love the house. Except the fact that the house is divided in half. One for my family, and one for my grandma. Don't really enjoy living with my grandma. But what can I do? The house is bought by her, I can't complain. ......but I'm still feeling uncomfortable. You know, when she comes into my room, I feel kinda nervous and, uncomfortable. I'm feeling bad, but I can't do anything.

Plus I haven't made any friends here. All I do is sitting in front of the computer, lingering in my room, watching TV. Feeling so pathetic. ;((

But YEAH MAN exams are over! School is great. Especially friends.

Yeah, my life is boring.
Now, let's get into k-pop *yes. finally.*
Fangirl feels comes back when Yoseob is out.
He's out with 'Caffeine'. Freaking love the song. Well it's better than Sunggyu's. The fact that it's so conceptional, the lyrics, the M/V, and the dance. Yong Junhyung is talented, you see?
So many songs come out, and many of them that I like. Some of them:

Ever heard about Clazziquai? They aren't my favorite, but they have talent. I like them this time!
....while Lunafly is back with an acoustic-mellow songs, which I don't really like. I'm gonna listen to it again, maybe it'll grow up in me.

And I'm in love with Crucial Star. Another K-indie, I think? Oh, just found out that he's a rapper about a minute ago. THANKS WIKIPEDIA. Just found out his twitter @crucialll. *feeling like a stalker now* He's just launched his new album, 'Fall'.
Give thanks to the girl's voice, I'm in love with this song.