I get double

Because you know wai?

Okay. My favorite boyband of all, you know, Beast and Infinite, is gonna have a solo project album. 
The main vocals of the groups.....ALSO my freaking favorite member from the two. 
Well, Kim Sunggyu (from Infinite) has already released his debut M/V about 3 days ago. The song is awesome, it's my kind of song. I really love the chorus, Kim Sunggyu's powerful vocals. Well I'm not really satisfied with the M/V since there's not much of Kim Sunggyu. Too much of L? But okay... he's also cute. Who doesn't admit that L is handsome btw?

It's like a rocker concept, and the photos go minimalist? Erm.. futuristic? His red hair is awesome. :)

2 days later after Kyu released 'Another Me', there comes Yang Yoseob. There's a sudden news from @Joker891219....... the TRACKLIST. And it's Yoseob who's gonna sing. SOLO. ERGH. I'm hoping it's gonna be a great song, since it's main vocal Yang Yoseob plus producer Yong Junhyung. 

The concept looks much classy? It's like in some kind of circus..but what's up with the cup....in a circus?! Well the title track is goin to be 'Caffeine'.. HMM IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD OKAY. Don't disappoint me. I've already put so much expectation. 

Seen the photos already? Got the different feelings right? Need to take care of my feelings wisely...
See you next time... will probably spazzing about Yoseob for the next post!
Main vocals, congratulations.


Stop it

Hello it's November. Means.. a big day of Indonesian wonderfuls + my desperate feels to watch them, Spexran (my school's cup), one month until exam, more and more new lessons, and etc.
I'm not gonna talk about my personal thingy, but I am going to nag about concerts.
I'm not a huge fan of Wonder Girls, but after I watched Bigbang, I catched the extremely awesome feeling after watching a concert, which makes me wants to attend more.
I know their songs from their latest album from Be My Baby era until Like Money. Catchy, upbeat, the rap song from Hyelim, the sentimental + deep song from Yenny (or Ha:felt, that's what she called herself). Like this yo.
Tryin my best to attend many quizzes and I've got nothing. ;(

Okay now, back to the reality, recently I like to listen to these.

Geeks came back people~ with 'Officialy Missing You, Too' the remake of Officially Missing You. Though I only know like 2-3 songs from them, (and my favorite is Officially Missing You), they're just flawless. I always loved OMY. Who else can cover a song as beautiful as that.
ps: OMY is actually a song from Tamia. But they made their own version, which is so much better in my opinion.
and I like the old version better. But it's okay.

Plus B.A.P's Stop It. Cute M/V, and awesome song! Let me become a Baby for a while. DAEHYUN! New bias....... hehe. Why do I like main vocalists the most.....

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