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Hello it's November. Means.. a big day of Indonesian wonderfuls + my desperate feels to watch them, Spexran (my school's cup), one month until exam, more and more new lessons, and etc.
I'm not gonna talk about my personal thingy, but I am going to nag about concerts.
I'm not a huge fan of Wonder Girls, but after I watched Bigbang, I catched the extremely awesome feeling after watching a concert, which makes me wants to attend more.
I know their songs from their latest album from Be My Baby era until Like Money. Catchy, upbeat, the rap song from Hyelim, the sentimental + deep song from Yenny (or Ha:felt, that's what she called herself). Like this yo.
Tryin my best to attend many quizzes and I've got nothing. ;(

Okay now, back to the reality, recently I like to listen to these.

Geeks came back people~ with 'Officialy Missing You, Too' the remake of Officially Missing You. Though I only know like 2-3 songs from them, (and my favorite is Officially Missing You), they're just flawless. I always loved OMY. Who else can cover a song as beautiful as that.
ps: OMY is actually a song from Tamia. But they made their own version, which is so much better in my opinion.
and I like the old version better. But it's okay.

Plus B.A.P's Stop It. Cute M/V, and awesome song! Let me become a Baby for a while. DAEHYUN! New bias....... hehe. Why do I like main vocalists the most.....

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