I'm tired

This holiday is soooo soooo boring.
Can't get out from this city.
Stay at home for the whole week.
Went to the SAME mall for some days.
Everyday, take my time to online.... well I don't have anything to do.
For everyone out there, who's not enjoying his/her trip to other country or city. Give it to me.
Let me just, get out from this BINTARO, for a day.

Feeling so pathetic.

Now that I'm in my comfortable yet boring home, rain hard, really hard, please.
Maybe some of you will be annoyed, but siting inside here, makes me feel, there must be a 'great' reason to be at home. Then, rain it is.

Please fall again.

Sincerely, Clara.

p.s.: okay, that is too much nagging. forgive me.
By the way, happy new year. Will be back with some more important stuffs. 


Claudia Novreica said... Reply

Thanks for following my blog. :)
I really really appreciate it.
Nice blog you have here. :D

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