Welcome. Hello, this is kind of odd. u know like, I havent updated my blog for a long time.
now it's not, hello-i-just-come-to-say-hi. But there's a lot of things coming in and out of my mind.
So, first this is my new blog. The old one seems to alay, but i decide not to delete it bcos it's written with a lots of moments there, maybe i need to remember it sometimes.. i want to start a new life blog.
I still don't know what is the main purpose of this blog

and I wanna tell you that BEAST is finally gonna come here.
I am a hardcore B2UTY and it's a waste if I don't watch them live, like........... I REALLY WANT TO WATCH THEM.
But what? it's on 17th of March, it's after my practical test. I could meet them, I could buy the tickets already bcos I WANT TO. But do you know my mother? If I tell her now, I won't get the chance. I won't. She won't understand. Plus I have national exam coming up--though it's in April--and lots of modules. I know i have been doing a very good child in school, but yes, not on my manner.

I don't know, hey, I don't know.

and sorry for my bad english, i just wanna express my things.


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