Fly to the Moon

Make me stop, before i fall to hard into Lunafly.

Yeap, a new korean boyband again. Except, they don't dance. Guitar is their personality.
They released the mini album earlier on September. Thought it's just another boyband. But they are different.
They are from Nega Network - BEG's company - and now i know that nega network produce a great great talented artists. Really they are just soooo flawless. Their voices. I can't get enough of them. (well the fact is.. i can.)

And you know what? One of them is a Korean-British. Named Sam Carter (he did a duet with Megan Lee+ he's the leader). Like. YE. AH. I watched their interview with soompi (do not open. they are unexpected) once, and the accent. MAN.
00. Superhero (Eng. ver of 'How nice it would be') [not in the album, but released on iTunes]
01. 얼마나 좋을까 (How nice it would be) [Title song]
02. 니 이름이 뭐니 (What's your name)
03. One More Step

And since they only have four songs, i have to be patient and i have to not listen to them all the time. i don't want to get bored :p

I don't know will this fangirling stop or not. My list of favorite boyband list is now too many.
First Beast, second it's Infinite, Block B, now Lunafly. How can i share more money, more time? I can't even but their albums.

Du du dun. Please welcome my fave song from them.

Yes. YES. it DOES sound like Billionaire. Who cares?
All their songs are recommended for you to listen. ALL. :)

+   B L O C K   B   I S  B A C K. 


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