About October

I was about to write K-pop comebacks, starting from Epik High, Miss A, Block B, and Ailee.
But didn't know where to start. otl.

Epik High and Block B got me kinda disappointed at first. But look what I've got now. Addiction.
I didn't really like the song, because there're so many differences with the old songs, but they grew up in me. I enjoy listening to them, especially Block B--because I'm not an avid fan of Epik High--yeah.
Still love the old songs of Epik High, the best. And I realized I fell so hard into their sensitive songs. So called like, 1 Minute, 1 Second; Fool; and It's Cold (their song from the new '99' album). Plus the non-sensitive-but-inspiring song, Run. Me likey.

You should check the Run M/V, it's so cool, plus featuring L/the infamous Kim Myungsoo. They WERE in Woollim Entertainment (where Infinite are), but got out and is now signed with YGE.

Their new songs--which one is the title song, I don't know--are Up and Don't Hate Me. Each of them have an M/V. Be sure to check them out. Plus check out the hilarious karaoke M/V for It's Cold.

Epik High consist of 3 persons, that is including one DJ called DJ Tukutz. Cool. With two rappers, Tablo and Mithra Jin, so talented, they made most of their songs themselves.
Just like Block B. The leader IS a talented producer, Zico. Have I told you about the mixtapes he had? Awesome.
Hmm.. Epik High and Block B are somehow connected......

Block B's new title song Nillili Mambo. Hilarious title. I know. Turns out I don't really like the M/V and the song..but I already tell you that they grew up in me. So, it's okay to dancing like crazy, right?
I prefer the other songs from their new album 'Blockbuster' like 11.30; Movie's Over; plus the catchy beat Mental Breaker.

About Miss A..well I think everybody knows their new song.. I Don't Need A Man. So catchy. I really like it. No need further opinions, okay. I just love it.

Ailee, I Will Show You, I think everybody likes it too. I prefer Heaven or maybe Night Sky/Evening Sky in her new album 'Invitation'. And there's a good news for Night Sky: http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=18990 ASSA~

Enough with the K-pop spazzing. :)
Sorry for no HyunA's comeback talk. My ice cream doesn't melt, Hyun. 


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