Part 2: Eru First Concert in Indonesia

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It is May people! I finally have the time to put up these photos, well just a tiny updates but I hope you like what I took.

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With Sule. It was amazing to see one of our comedian on the same stage with Eru XD

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Singing 'High High'
He surprisingly sang various popular k-idol songs like Sorry Sorry, Fantastic Baby, and a lot more! We (of course) sang along, and the venue has gone mad.
At the end of the song, he was like 'Just lie tonight. Is Eru better than Big Bang? Better than Super Junior? Better than 2NE1?' And we say lied by saying YES OF COURSE.

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Then he sang his most well known song 'Black Glasses'.
But before that, He was crying.
He didn't thought the response of the concert would be like that. He was happy for the fact that a lot of people came to the concert, not expecting for more.
And while we were screaming his name.... He cried.

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Have so many ideas, reviews and opinions in my head, but I really need to take care of my 'me time' by watching more and more videos and variety shows... plus a new K-Drama. Be back later! 

BONUS! Not the best, but the closest picts that I got.

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Dum dum dum dum! Ailee!!


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