Thoughts of "Monstar" (몬스타)

I've done my final test! You think the school is done and I'll have my long holiday? Scratch that. In fact, I will  be leaving the school and my house (and that includes internet) for 10 days, gonna spend the time in Klaten, Yogyakarta. But I'm excited! Leaving the house won't be that bad right?

Back to my post. Let's talk about a new k-drama, the one that I've been crazy into.
It is called MONSTAR. Being aired in TVN (the one who aired Flower Boy Next Door and Reply 1997, which are precisely my favorites) and Mnet. This is the first drama series from Mnet.

Just a glimpse from episode 2. Actually you can watch all of the singing from Mnet's channel in youtube. For those who don't want to spend their time on watching the drama...

(spoiler alert)
I'm into it, 1) because of the rapper of BEAST, Yong Junhyung, is the main cast. 2) it is related to music, just like Dream High, but it is totally different. 3) hot guys.  whoops.

The first episode was impressive.
He plays as Yoon Seolchan, an idol from a group called MIB, and is famous. And was filming a drama which was taking place in his own school. He messed up and ...here comes trouble~ Junhyung was kissed by his sasaeng fan (someone who is gone 'crazy' of their idol, literally). He got a big problem and the CEO told him to attend the school to quiet the media. Can't tell you more than that.
More like, don't know how to explain.

Up there is Junhyung and the female main cast, Ha Yeonsoo. She plays as Min Seyi. She looks so innocent and plays the guitar so well! She does what she likes to do. 
I don't know where has she been, she has great skills. 

Meet hot guy #1.
He is a class president. Who is the same class as Seolchan and Min Seyi. I know that he has a thing with Seyi, and it takes time for Seyi to realize it. Great at playing cello and guitar. I think he is great at piano too. No kidding. What a great choice. 
His name is Kang Haneul. Playing as Jung Sunwoo. 

This is what I mean as in 'hot guys'. Meet BTOB. Oh no, wait, it's MIB. Or maybe Junhyung and friends. They are supporting roles.... or cameos. 
There is way more 'hot guys' than these. Hmm 2 or 3 more? I think you should watch the drama? Hihi. 
Stop it with the hot guys topic. Let's end this now. 

For me, the plot is awesome. I always love this kind of drama.
Recommended to watch if you have the time. Because the story is an extraordinary one. :D

p.s. Congratulations to Akdong Musician for becoming a part of YG family. I support you!


eloise fontaine said... Reply

great pics!


NuR aNiSAh said... Reply

what is the name of the song play by ha yeon soo..the one that she play in the class (picture above)..

Clara Chrysilla said... Reply

@NuR aNiSAh which picture actually? I'm kind of confused.. Maybe it's trouble maker or busker busker - first love?
or if you give me the episode number, maybe I can help

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