Block B (블락비) Very Good mini album

{The Mischievous Dazzling Stars}

Please support them by watching the music video. They are so close to winning the music shows. 
This is the only tremendous gift that BBCs can give to Block B.

Feel the urge to post this, despite the deadline for the 1st chapter of the novel project.
BLOCK B! The block buster is back in a new entertainment. (I'm glad they are out)
Seriously welcome to the hallyu world again. It has been a year I haven't seen them on the stage and it is totally stunning.
Their charisma on the stage since they debuted is still there.

They bring back the mischievous characters inside their soul. Especially expressing it through a song 'VERY GOOD'. Telling that they are the king, and like the song, that they are very very good.
The beats are killing it. The music video is also really good and creative. The idea of making Park Kyung's head is inside the plate is hilarious. But but the part when there is a girl with a big... is a no.
Besides that nothing is a pooper. They enjoyed every single bit of their parts in the video, everthing is cool.
If I introduce the title song, the main theme is that you can point out a ‘ROCK’ sound at the beginning, and then an electric synthesizer sound is emphasized in the chorus. You might be able to hear and feel the largeness of the song in its entirety, but it has a lot of very diverse parts to it. So honestly, I have the greed of wanting to have everyone listen to each detail. 
-Zico (cr. Source: Naver Music Special ;Translated By: Youngha@ BLOCKBINTL bontheblock.tumblr)

The song is totally unexpected, because earlier before they released the song 'VERY GOOD', they went on a deep song called 'Be The Light (빛이 뒤어죠)', which still have the hip hop vibe, but wrapping it with a soothing voice. Meet Taeil the man.

For 'Be The Light', I fell in love at the first time I heard it. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.
I am more surprised that Zico, the leader himself, made the song. This song has the piano playing at the front, and it is just so not Zico. But when the beat comes in, it sounds like him.
I knew he's talented, and he made slow songs too.. Like 'Movie's Over' but this time it has a different sense and fortunately I love it soooo deeeeeep.

The lyrics itself says that we are the light. Means BBCs (name for the fans) are the light. You know, they woke up from the controversies and learnt a lot. This song is made for the BBCs who are there and give them support.

"Be the light, shine on my black and hidden heart. Melt me from being frozen
So that I’ll be so dazzling, that no one else can look at me." cr 

I am in love. This song is so wonderful.
What is sad is... People don't really catch this song. They don't give it a try to listen. Please, like just once it won't kill you. Maybe I look so pathetic, but they work so hard. Can you please give it a try?

Those are not the only songs that are good. They released a mini album, which consist only 4 songs in total (instrumental is not included).

Park Kyung, another rapper from the group, also have song which is sung by him and it is featuring my favorite indie K-pop group 'Urban Zakapa'. It is none other than the only woman in the group, Jo Hyuna, who is known to have an impressing voice.

The song 'When, Where, What, How (언제 어디서 무엇을 어떻게)' kinda have the jazzy feel to it, and the lyrics are so good! Started with Park Kyung's low voice, it attracts us in. And then the beat goes in. Jo Hyuna's voice is a thumbs up for me.

Last track called 'Nice Day' has a more hip hop beat, some what playful but not as playful 'Very Good'. A nice ending for the mini album. 'Have a nice day!'

Block B never failed to impress me.

p.s: sorry, I can't make out my promise for the BTS' drawing.


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