Asian Dream Cup 2014 ft. Running Man bundle up!

Hear all the euphoria, guys? I recklessly with my sister and two friends skipped school to watch Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Gelora Bung Karno.

Being a lucky girl in the month--or I consider myself as one--I won two tickets from Gandaria City thanks to my desperate want to watch ADC. I was going to skip school even if I didn't get the tickets, btw. Stubborn, yes.

At least my dreams fulfilled even though I saw them from far away, excluding Lee Kwangsoo. He came, running, going around the field. Shouting, "1, 2, 3" with his hands and asking us to scream out loud. I love him more and more with his dumb but caring character.
I bet he was loving all of the chants, which were not only for him, but also to the others six members of Running Man, plus we didn't forget to chant "Park Jisung!". It's insane.
Everytime a Running Man member played, the stadium filled with the chants.

And what awesome is, the whole stadium did a huge wave.
I really really enjoy it despite my low knowledge on football.


The Running Man members tweets their enjoyment in the country.
1. "Good Morning Indonesia"
2. "See you soon" (I really hope to see you guys soon)

3. Instagram updates! (kjk76 and gaegun)

Another instagram post from Kim Jongkook who posed with a baby tiger in Taman Safari. I bet he captured this picture from Running Man broadcast. Father and his child!

They went to Taman Safari for the Dream Camp, the Running Man filming (200th EPISODE GUYS). Some of the fans, who willingly spent their time to stalk, got a FREAKING CLOSE selca. I. ENVY. YOU. (I don't put their photos because it is simply their privacy)

This episode have aired: Here's to watch RUNNING MAN EPISODE 200 ENGLISH SUB. (power of kshownow ftw)

P.s: the header photo is mine and I capture all of the sns post. Thank you!


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