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2014 RANT(s). -----------------------------------------

I am feeling really unproductive this year, 2014.

1. Simply you can see from the posts I've read and published are decreasing. Not that I am really busy until the point that I couldn't write anymore. (Truth is: I am) but I actually can spend and give my time if I am willing enough.

2. I sleep too much. For me who hate myself if I wake up late, holiday or not, it is really a different habit.

3. I've been hesitating a lot about my dreams. I've been thinking, from the school's seminars, the one they gave me from 2013 about our dreams, our visions. It is the time, where I once again think about it seriously to the point that I think: "Am I really into it?" I also think about the dream when I was a little. Do I choose this dream because I have the passion, or I just love it? Is there any other dreams that I forgot, slipped from my head?

4. Universities, oh gosh. I want to go to ITB, but I surely have to prepare for it well. I HAVE TO. I don't want to be just 'here' stuck in this hole forever. I want to go out and explore but I am not brave enough to make friends, to go and explore things I want to do.

Then again, I don't think this list should be made. I have to change my habits to be better, that's for sure.

2015 is time for action, isn't it?

I will face national exams, university exams, and hello college. Let's just.... prepare for the best.

And I'm going to recommend you a song that I've been digging to, it's Indonesian and it is my favorite song of the year and maybe until early next year... I hope there are many songs like this.
The song is called "Bahagia" by Gamal Audrey Cantika (GAC) and not just the song is addictive but the lyrics for me are so simple yet really build my spirits up.

Definitely for 2015, I will try to be more positive and hard working. Imagine that my dreams are up in the galaxy, but as long as I work hard, even though I only got it on the sky, I have tried my best!



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