HIGH4 (하이포) & what you need to know

New post about k-pop this week! I thought myself that I will be more diligent in writing more k-pop, but then I have my national exams coming this middle of the year (it is in April, teachers says), so maybe after this there will be no more posts for a while. Well... it depends!

Tell me, do you know about them?

HIGH4 is famous for debuting with the song "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossom (봄, 사랑, 벚꽃말고)" along with IU, as I know IU is the one who offered the song to them because in the group there is the leader who is bestfriends with IU, his name is Kim Sunggu. I think, IU took a right choice to give the song to them and also sing with them. HIGH4 got a lot of recognition back then. The song even got #1 on music shows and charts. But after they released another song and a mini album, they are not really popular (I am sorry to say this, but it's true), which was a pity!

Why should you love them?

1. Listen to their song with IU "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossom (봄, 사랑, 벚꽃말고)" It is amazing. Well I am a lover of a song that has an easy-listening feel to it, with the guitar sound layering it. If you are this kind of person, I am sure you will definitely love this song! But!

You have to pay attention to their vocals and the raps! Have to. For me, they really have that ability to sing and rap, and it is like putting two main vocals (Kim Sunggu & Myunghan) in the group with two main rappers in it (though Alex, the one with the pink hair, is getting the attention with the raps, but the other one, named really Im Youngjun improves in their new song)

I mean they got it, what's less is the popularity.

2. They released other two songs, the two of them has diverse vibes. HIGH4 release a classy song called "A Little Closer (해요 말고 해)" this time with Lim Kim. And I was like BOOM, the song can not beat their first song, because you know I am not a lover of the kind.

Their third song marks their 1st mini album release, it is called "Headache (뱅뱅뱅)" which I like because finally they released a playful song which also displayed their dance skills. Finally they are out to debut and showcase their skills to the stage!
For me this 뱅뱅뱅 song is really catchy and the M/V is cute too!

3. What is pushing me to write this post is that they released a new song!
This song attracts me since the first time I heard it and I'm like "Seriously I NEED TO write a post about it" so here am I.
The song is "Day By Day (비슷해)" which says that my days without you is not special, it just goes like 'that', it is the same day by day.

"Another song, another shade"
Because this song has another different vibe to it. They showcase the sadness of a relationship and they even cry in the music video.
The M/V itself is dark, monochrome. Really displays the sadness of the song. I extremely love the rap in the song and also the moment after the first chorus ends and the beat comes in. Seriously, I think I need to work in this field. It melts me everytime I hear it.

I really found it interesting in the part where Alex raps "We look like a perfect couple on the outside, but inside, we were like a bubble ready to burst" and a balloon pops. I like the video edits and it is fascinating to me. I just think the video needs a story inside it.

What a great song to start the year.


I just wanna touch, feel, love, again.


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