Having so much fun watching Big Bang concert. It's ALIVE tour you know and YG has their own channel for concerts in youtube. It's called YGconcert. Like...awesome. I found it on Sunday and I keep replaying it. Even now, I'm waiting for 'Fantastic Baby' until the buffer is done. Their new songs are addicting. Like Blue, Love Dust, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy and Ain't fun. You know what? Even the intro from their mini album, on charts.
I know BIGBANG for such a long time, but this time, i think i can be one of those VIP (name for the fans). Alive is sooo rockin. and i found out how to watch the video fullscreen and not disturb the other tabs, we can always see it, even if it's fullscreen. and it's easy. I'm feeling like i'm advertising.... 
So just change the url from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siVPAd0O5KQ&feature=youtu.be into this one http://www.youtube.com/v/siVPAd0O5KQ&feature=youtu.be
U see difference? the watch?v= erase the watch? and the =. Put an oblique mark after the v and you're done.
I'm watching it now. YAAAAAY
and about BEAST, I'm hoping. Still. 


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