It's May already. I haven't done anything good... Like everyday I take my time to online, watching new k-dramas, dancing crazily, reading new novels (which I'm afraid if I finish it, I won't have a new one to read). Lacking in money.
Two days ago, me with my besties went to a noraebang--what's the english of karaoke?--and after that went to a mall. Keep it short, I sang so many korean songs. Too happy to hide it. It's like when our radio play our favorite song. Crazy. And went to the Scoop, there's so many amazing items!! Like plaid/polka/flowery fabric tape or sticker, cute bookmarks, adorable notes, even a plaid cute comb. *-* I want to buy it all. Let's just say gue kalap. I just buy the plaid fabric tape that still clean inside the box. 
So happy, I finally found a store like that. Bcos I keep admiring stuffs in mykimchi4u.com, a korean online shop. YAAAY.

I have to tell you that IU has already released her new song. It's the 3rd song that written by her. So soothing! It has the same vibe with Hold My Hand (the 1st song) but Peach is more acoustic. Along with the guitar, the recorder and the triangle sound, it's really perfect for IU's kind of voice.
Platypiz haven't made the video, so I give you this.. 

(cr. EternalMusicLover)
At first I don't really like it, but I can't help to falling in love.

Plus I'm really excited for A-pink (5th 9th May) their first full album and Infinite (15th May)! You should check their teaser & IU's teaser too. About a-pink comeback I think it's not gonna be an innocent concept. I'm just guessing. Bcos he title song "Hush" makes me remember about their performance in Cube Party.
About IU's teaser, it's really cute, so short teaser but full of charms.
Infinite..no comment. Flawless like always. :3


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