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A-pink new album! Kinda disappointed with their title song "Hush". The rhythm sounds like T-ara's Roly Poly. But totally a different song. What I've predicted is true. It's not an innocent concept. More like sexy concept, but they aren't trying to be sexy, they are trying to be cute. (A-pink's cute & innocent concept already stuck in my head). Btw, I don't really like Hush. But after I listened about 3 or 4 times... like it. Hehehe.
Earlier today, they performed Bubibu plus (of course) Hush. From the first time I listened to Bubibu, I already know, this is the perfect song for the comeback. And you know, the first image teaser feels so innocent and white, different from Hush feeling. A-Cube... why....
Favorite song:

(cr: platypi)

Plus I'm currently in love with TaeTiSeo >> SNSD's sub-unit. Weird name, huh?
I love "Love Sick", "Library", plus "Baby Steps"! Do you know Varsity's "Baby Steps"? They re-make it into korean. Awesum. Y'all must listen :)



Angela said... Reply

J'aime les videos! Super post! Des bisous:)
Angela Donava

michelle_ said... Reply

great songs !

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