I'm chasing

I cameback to stardoll. There's the ad on keepvid, & i click it and make a new account. There's wondergirls and 2ne1, wow. I want all the clothes. Especially on Decades. (now it's more and more expensive. but we'll get 500 starpoints as a gift from stardoll)
Plus Infinite's made their comeback in fifteen. Kinda late for me to write this.. I know. But the song keeps playing in my head. So sick of these songs. Their title song 'The Chaser' gets me fangirling night and day. The song tells that there is a boy who keeps chasing his ex-girlfriend even though its tiring and hurts. Not a mellow song, it's upbeat. It's like the sequel of 'Be Mine' but has a different feel. All the songs from the new album 'INFINITIZE' are addicting. Freaking awesum. You should listen to the chaser and feels so bad! Or in the summer (sounds like Jason Mraz's I'm Yours) and only tears (ballad). 

Mmm.. the prolouge in the mv kinda weird. The car crash...i just don't get it.
By the way, mereka unyu-unyu kan :3 and sorry for my english. Salam. 


Angela said... Reply

Superbe video! J'aime bien!

Angela Donava

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