I had my birthday yesterday. And failed to get a new camera.
In the middle of preparing to go to my friend's house ystrday morning, my grandma came unexpectedly. And asked me to go to Lippo and buy me for a camera.. But then, I've already had plans and things. And she kept forcing me to go. I never like to be forced. She even said "I won't give you a camera next time, if it's not now"
Duh. I prefer to be with my friends. They've prepared so much and even bought a cake for me... I still can buy my camera next time. Well now, I want a new cellphone. I'm using a nokia, an old one. No camera. No mp3 player. Imagine. and need more money for Bigbang's concert on Oct. :<

and, yes. Now I'm officialy 15. Yahuuuu.
em.. the photos....coming soon. 
sorry for the english :)


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