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Annoyed. I love the fact that BtoB (read: B to B) is on the way to come here, Indonesia. But hate the fact that the ticket is special only for Indovision subscribers, FREE (they had to enter a contest first).. but still that's not fair. The non-subscribers don't get anything, I mean..you could sell it to us....
Well, 140 people already win. Now I can't do anything.. Maybe I can stalk them tonight ㅋㅋㅋ 비투비,  날 기다려~~
Here's the greeting from BtoB (it's Peniel speaking).

They come here to hold a showcase and promote their asia edition album. Title track for the asia ed: Irresistible Lips. Cool song, love the MV. The boy here name MinHyuk, one of the member! :3

And the other song, it's the song that I love the most. Want to see them sing this live. Freaking want. *sobs*

Maybe I can introduce you all of the members....next time. Btw, BtoB is the acronym for Born to Beat.
and I want to tell you about a boyband called MYNAME, but since there has already two vids, I keep them for the next post. (or should I introduce you to Dalmatian? hmm..)

Thanks! ㅎㅅ ㅎ


Lili said... Reply

So beautiful!


Angela said... Reply

Angela Donava

Anonymous said... Reply

don't be so over-reacted. it's just like you can't meet your friends for a while, sis :p

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