Music Bank in Jakarta

You know what? I finally watched Music Bank in Jakarta (March 9th)!
After all my nagging and stuffs, I watched it. Freaking watched it. 
And I was like YAY. Got the tickets cheaper than the original price, and my father payed for it...
Though I watched it from far away, it was really awesome. 
The presence of my duo BEAST and Infinite. And yea, I got my eyes on Teen Top too. (*-*) 

Teen Top, Sistar, Eru, SHINee, and Suju.... I enjoy your stage....
Love Teen Top, Sistar's Hyorin and Eru when they were singing in Indonesian. 
Who thought Teen Top would be switching song with S4?! 

My view from the bench!

Infinite right in front of my eyes. They were singing The Chaser! 

Oh my gosh, Infinite was dazzling. It's like their first time for them here. It must be awesome, right, boys? 
Thought I would be watching fancams, and hoping Inspirits Indonesia make a great support and effort to bring you back here. But I was there cheering for you guys too. MY FEELINGS. People say they will be back this year for a tour, I hope so.

Yang Yo was singing with all his feels.


And of course, BEAST. I was hoping to see more Yoseob. Can not get enough of him, really. I jumped and had fun so much in the concert...and forgot to stare at Yoseob, like seeing his cuteness. But his voice was enough! I hope Cube will make a tour for them once again, and put Indonesia on the list too. I'm still regretting WHY DIDN'T I WATCH BEAUTIFUL SHOW.

They were giving us plenty fanservices! Love. 

2PM was gorgeous. HANDSOME BOY. KKOTMINAM. I love their fanservices. I can be their fan if I want to. Bloody handsome! Plus they were really energetic and their songs are also awesome. It's the songs that I can sing along with <Hands Up, Heartbeat, 10 points out of 10> and I was hoping more of them... They really liven up the stage. 

Super Junior on the stage! Looking good eh.

I don't want to post the details of the concert..... Fanbases have already posted them so much, like on twitter. Check it out yourselves. I just can not wait for it to be aired in KBS. March 19th! 
Will download the full version of the broadcast. I AM SO PROUD OF INDONESIA. 

Say hi! Me, my sister, and Sherlyn. We look so kucel ㅠ.ㅠ

...............My struggle in searching the tickets are all paid. 


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