Infinite is back: Man in Love

Huraaaay my boys are back!

For those who are new to Infinite: (Left to right) Sungyeol, Sungjong, Hoya, L, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo)
Does someone catch your eyes? 
Kinda worried for their not-so-strong concepts. I knew this is going to be happened someday. And boom! Days after the mubank, Woollim released an image teaser.
Why it has to be after Music Bank? Like, really?

It's a happy cheerful song. I worried so much, will it be great? Just like their drama kind of strong concept?
So far, I think it is.

About the song: Easy explanation. It's about what a man will do if they're in love.
It's actually so cute, seeing them trying hard to get what their woman want in a romantic way.

Lovely leader and my bias! 

Main vocal, Namu!
Lee Sungyeol! Man in Love concept suits him and maknae the best. 

Bubbly rapper Jang Dongwoo~


Photography enthusiast, L. 

Maknae Jong! (n_n)

The song is awesome. I keep replaying the M/V for like ten times after it uploaded yesterday. Sooo of course it's attached now in my head. In the process of gluing the lyrics too. *okay, so fanatic*
Sweetune you did an awesome job. I bet you composer-guys are proud that your song actually got an all-kill for the first time. Thank you for the song.

Well, there's something unusual about them. The beat of the song is awesome. And I love how H dance together in the first part and bridge part. But, I still think the dance is so so fast, seriously. I've just watched their two performances actually.... But it's just...
Okay. Forget it.

My boys are killing it!!

Try to listen to this, at least once. Please :))

Got all the photos from infinite's official website. Go! ifnt7.com


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