Birthday, 130608!

Hula, it's my birthday and I'm gonna tell you that I had the best birthday present ever.
Not in a particular order.
#1. I got a running man jacket from my friend. :)
#2. Beast won Music Core. THIS IS HUGE.

Like the most unexpected thing. Who thought the song '괜찮겠니' (a.k.a Will You Be Alright?), the song that they don't promote, won? W.O.N?
I know it's just a k-pop thing again, people who hate k-pop will totally bored with me fangirling....
But it is really a great present for me.

I personally don't really like the song. Though I've been repeating the song in my head for like all day. (I just need time to let it grow in me)
I know it is really a 'Beast' style of song. Kinda sound like an old song. The style that Beast's done the most. That probably why I am so surprised. How could they won first?
The power of B2UTYs are jjang.
Just for you information, they also won #1 on Billboard Korea. YEAHHA.

Beast will be back in July. But they are gonna hold a showcase for their comeback in June 20th. Everyone can join, I think. But only koreans, of course ;(

Here's the full audio for 괜찮겠니!

Take back what I've just said. Okay?
I love the song. ㅋㅋㅋ
Written by Junhyung for a 'certain someone'. Go back together with Hara!


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