[130622] Lotte Shopping Avenue 'Grand Opening': VIXX & GLAM (part 1)

Need to write this now. It is currently midnight. Past midnight. Exactly is 12.13.
Now here's the story.

I just watched VIXX live performing with my own eyes. Plus GLAM too.
There was an event from Lotte Shopping Avenue in Jakarta which is just opened on 22nd June. Grand opening with the guests, Super Junior's Lee Donghae and Kangin who only came for like 15 minutes because they're absolutely couldn't perform with just 2 persons so they just attend a fansign from the Lotte Duty Free.
Well I don't really care about them. And I didn't met them. I was eating at Pizza Hut when they arrived at the mall LOL.
The other guests were VIXX and GLAM.

You know, VIXX. The one who sing On & On and hyde (from jekyll and hyde concept). I'm a fan of them, I am in their fandom. They are gorgeous. How can they be so white, milky skin? (except N, the leader, who has a dark skin. Not really dark, but just dark for Korean people.)

GLAM and VIXX were the judges for a Dance Cover Contest/K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013. It's taking place in Lotte Shopping Avenue because the dance cover festival need one group to represent their own country in the finale in Gangwon.

I did't really enjoy it, since it was too crowded plus it was a free event. I just want to see my VIXX (and GLAM).

GLAM did the judging for the Team A while VIXX did the Team B.
So GLAM went first to their seat, missing one person. And I think it was Dahee because maybe she was filming for 'Monstar'. Miso, the maknae, giving us the most fanservice. Well all of them do. They looked to the crowds at their back and also at their left and right.
They were giving us aegyo, and Zinni waving at us. When the crowds said to them to do Kwiyeomi Player, they did it. I don't really see who did it =.=
I took some pictures, but most of them are Zinni since she was the one I could see from my place.

Before moving to Team B. There were S.O.S and S4. I don't really care since I was saving my place for taking pictures of VIXX.

And OMG.

I was so close to Leo. Just a few row, about 3 or 4 more row of people I could freakingly touch him. Their skin are so white. And also they were wearing a white suits for hyde performance.
When the competition goes, there was a group who covering After School's BANG, one of the contestant gave a wink to the crowd (he's a guy though).

And when VIXX gave the commentaries, N asked "Who did you give the wink to?" 
"다 (All of you)" meaning the contestant gave it to all member of VIXX. 
N said, "뜨거워요 (It's hot)" LOL

While a group was covering Girl's Generation's I Got A Boy, I saw N smiling. Maybe his fanboy side rose again, seeing the fake Seohyun on the stage.

And I got a very clear video of VIXX walking from their seats to the dressing room. It can't be considered as so close though, but who cares. At least, I SAW VIXX.

They performed the songs and I got the videos, people. Using my dad's Samsung SIII Mini which was kinda blurry. By the way, I got GLAM's video when they were performing I Like That and Party(XXO) too!
That's it.

I was so close to their dressing room. Unfortunately, I can't record video or take a picture of them running from the dressing room to the stage (when they were gonna perform). It was closer than the video I took huee.
I have to save my place for video-ing the performance. It's my sister who saw it. She didn't even have the chance to give my fanart to VIXX. Like, they were running like they are too scared because of the crowds.

Also. GOOD NEWS HONGBIN AND ZINNI SHIPPERS. They were sitting next to each other on the final competition! And I heard Hongbin seeing Zinni like a sec and some cameras took it. Need to find evidence though.

Tagging this post with concert since it was LIKE a concert. Totally. Unless it is free.
Will post the photos and videos on the next post.
Publishing this in the morning (sorry guise, I just posted this now)!
Sorry for the long post!


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