[130622] Lotte Shopping Avenue 'Grand Opening': VIXX & GLAM (part 2)

Back again with part 2!

Though I told you that I'd be posting my photos and my videos of the event, I don't think I want to.
It is kind of blurry, and I really don't like the quality. Plus I'm not in the mood of editing the photos, keeping the image good..... ah, no thanks.

If you want the photos, just tell me. Maybe I'm gonna post some in part 3, (not plannning to make the post, but oh well.. I'll try.) because there is a close photo of Leo. So close. But because of my extreme zoom-in, it gets noisy and I can see the dots floating everywhere.
Yah, we'll see.

(I arrange the videos as the same rundown of the event!) (scroll till the last vid please!)

The first one is when GLAM came to the judging seats.

Second is when VIXX was judging the last group of Team B, FIXX, covering On & On. See their expressions!

My video! Close enough? They went to the dressing room to touch up and then perform.

I like that!

It's VIXX time people! Found the HD vids.

THE LAST ONE. I should have put it in the middle.
But save the best for the last ㅋㅋㅋ
Look at Leo~

Credit goes to.
Juwita Nurwanti@youtube, gongjunim09@youtube; kim Tiara@youtube; my own channel clarchrs@youtube; Liesa Lie@youtube; devi mailariani@youtube; Auli Cinantya@youtube; hae jom@youtube

Enjoy :3


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