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It's already announced. Beast comeback on 22nd of July and they're gonna reveal the 5th mini album's first single in 15th, called "Midnight". I don't know if it's the title track or not.
"Midnight" will be released a week prior to the mini-album, and is a post-breakup track with lyrics that speaks of the pain and loneliness one feels throughout the night. 
"This song is filled with BEAST's colour, in a theme that starts with clear piano and guitar sounds BEAST's heart-wrenching lyrics are well-incorporated" they explained. 
Pain and loneliness? Whoa, this reminds me of Fiction era. plus I think it's really not the title track. Just like "On Rainy Days", Cube always release a track before the actual album comes out.
I think the title track will sound more rebellious? cos when i see the M/V filming pictures, it does sound more rebellious.

I'm just too excited for their comeback haha.
and i found a great song from B.A.P! (yes sir! haha). Whatta great lyrics. Some of you maybe don't like the song, but i like it. This song reminds me of FTSK or Pee Wee Gaskins!

Goodbye! Greetings from Zelo! HAHA


Angela said... Reply

J'aime beaucoup les videos!Super!
Angela Donava

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