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Kinda confused. What should I do with my template and things. Should i use blogskin? But i'm afraid i'll post here often bcos if i use blogskin. It'll make the blog kinda like tumblr. So no blogskin, but i think i must make my own blog design. But i don't know what to dooo. So I'm using Yoseob's fiction and fact picture. Thanks to cube hahaha.

And I'm so excited for Beast comeback. It's mid-July, without any clear information about the date, but thanks Cube, finally. Miss them so much. It's been one year, like really? They are coming back. Ohhhh~
They was in US, filming the M/V for three days. And fans saw a different 'hair' concept in the airport. Blue eh...it's Violet one for Junhyung. Orange for Yoseob. And Red for Hyunseung.

Here's the pictures:

via: @GOODMAN910606 and @junhyungnet thankyou. 

Gonna post about it...when the M/V and everything is out. I'm waiting for Mid-July! ....but not excited for school (which is actually in 16th). Hue. 
...almost forgot. More about Beast M/V filming, here

2ne1 new song. and the M/V is out! Hurray~
produced by Teddy (again, of course) and co-composed by Lydia Paek (part of the quest crew too). No wonder it's awesome. 

Must hear. Not upbeat, but catchy hehe. Pie! :3


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