Party People: Midnight Sun

I love Beast's new mini album. Midnight Sun! I thought all of the song will have a 'dark' feeling, but when i saw the title track teaser "아름다운 밤이야 (It's a Beautiful Night)", man it's so different. 
Party concept and some dark concept pictures too. I'm satisfied, Cube. :'))

"Even with pressures of the long break, the reason why the album was delayed because of 'change'"
They was afraid bcos of the 'change', they thought b2utys are gonna hate the songs bcos yea, it's totally different. I know their old songs from Bad Girl era until Fiction. But this one, is awesome. 
They were gonna release a new album on May, but then the album was delayed, bcos they think it's the time to change. :'))))
When we asked Yong Junhyung to express this album in one word, Yong Junhyung said, "war." He added, "Making this album we had the hardest time as if we were in a war. People around us had the deepest concerns about us making changes. However, we believe that we want to show off our music confidently on stage, so we have no regrets."  (tr: b2strising)

My most favorite song is Dream Girl, then 내가 아니야 (It's Not Me)... honestly, i love all the songs. 
Dream Girl is a ballad, but not a hyper-ballad. Easy listening, and sweet. The lyrics are made by Junhyung, the powerful rapper and composer. The violet one. I love the emotions and their voiceees C: I fall in love.

 Ah. Whew.. How is it? Good? Thank youㅜㅜ keke We worked hard preparing it so show a lot of love okie? I love you too!! (High notes in Dream Girl is me..Hurry compliment meㄱㄱ) 
tr. b2stlytweets HAHA :3

And 니가 쉬는 날 (The Day You Rest)  is also composed by Junhyung. The lyrics too! the beat is sooo junhyung :3 it kinda weird on the first time you hear it, but the second time, like!! Bcos of the funky beat and cute lyrics haha. 

They have a sad song too, like 니가 보고 싶어지면 (When I Miss You). Full of emotions!
and for 
내가 아니야 (Not Me), the song intro sounds like chinese/korean traditional, and then they add some beat banggg the lyrics are cute. 

I woke up at 7AM the moment I opened my eyes
I met a friend and talked
After that, I went to eat a place I visit often
Not together with a girl, but together with Doojoon

it's the first verse, ahaha. I love it :3 this song talks about boy-girl misunderstanding. "It's not me, trust me baby."

and 아름다운 밤이야 (It's a Beautiful Night) the title track. Party people! lol. I love the mv, and WHAT A WONDERFUL SONG. It's composed by someone who i don't know. Its name is 'Goodnight, sleep well'. Really. 

S. Tiger (main composer of Cube) suggest to listen in the order of  'When I Miss You'-'Midnight'    'Not Me'-'It'a Beautiful Night'    'Dream Girl'-'The Day You Rest'. ENJOY THEN! 

별이빛나는아름다운 밤이야이야..☆

ps: there will be the dance ver. don't know when will be released.


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